Monday, 1 August 2011

'sun lounger seeks sun..' by czuczy

sun lounger seeks sun.. by czuczy
sun lounger seeks sun.., a photo by czuczy on Flickr.

Well summer appears to be sticking around, it was another hot and sunny day today. I am sure there were a lot of people sitting outside today trying to top up their tan. I also suspect there are a lot of people who look a bit like lobsters tonight. In fact a day like this would be a busy one for a sun lounger therefore looking this picture made me feel a little sad. All this sun lounger wants is to make someone's holiday happy but it really isn't holiday season. I think this photo is great. To start with, it's a rather powerful shot - it actually got me talking about a sun lounger like it's a human being! Also the composition is just right. That grey expanse of cloudy sky really sums up what the picture's all about. The best bit though has to be the red umbrella. I'm always saying this but a splash of colour like this (espcially red) in an otherwise somber coloured photo is very striking.


  1. Love this photo - I almost think the red umbrella is looking a little deflated, completely disappointed by the dismal weather.


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