Friday, 12 August 2011

'Untitled' by Ibai Acevedo

Untitled by Ibai Acevedo
Untitled, a photo by Ibai Acevedo on Flickr.

This photo almost gives me goosebumps, I love it so much. It is has a really peaceful and happy feeling to it and the sky is so beautiful. A perfectly captured sunset. It would actually be a gorgeous picture even without the aeroplane in it but the plane really makes it an almost magical photo. It manages to capture the excitement of arriving in a foreign country.

Happy weekend - hope the next few days are full of exciting adventures and a little bit of relaxation too!


  1. That really is stunning and ticks all the boxes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous pic, I am suddenly transported back to my last foreign holiday and the thrill of landing. Isn't it great when you first step out of the plane and the warm air hits you.

    The absolute best bit of the photo is the stars above the cloud line, I didn't notice at first - magical!

  3. Nicki Cawood - glad you love it too.
    Homebird - that first step out the plane when the warm air hits you is just amazing isn't it.

  4. Wow - now that is cool ! Ahhh...I need a holiday now :)

  5. mammasaurus - Yes, it definitely puts you in the holiday mood doesn't it!

  6. The colors in this one are amazing. Why are sunset photos always so gorgeous?


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