Monday, 13 April 2015

'Paris' by Alejandro Tejada

Photo credit: Alejandro Tejada on Flickr

So did you have a good Easter? I can't believe the holidays are over and it was back to school today. We have had a great Easter. The best bit being our trip to Disneyland Paris which was just so magical. I am sure I will write a whole post about it soon but quite frankly I am not sure where to start with the whole fabulousness of our stay.

The first week of the Easter holidays when we were in France was rather cold and still wintery but on the second week spring arrived properly. This meant picnics, ice creams, a barbecue and Easter Egg hunting in the sunshine. Oh and there was also a small matter of my birthday. I turned 38 which makes me feel old but on the up-side I am still two years away from 40!!

I have decided to post a photo of Paris as I am craving a visit there right now. It might be called Disneyland Paris but we as you can imagine didn't actually see anything of the actual city. I have been there twice before and thought it was lovely but I want to go back with the sole purpose taking lots of photos. I love this photo as it shows just how big the Eiffel Tower is. It just looks so majestic standing there in the middle of all the buildings which seem tiny in comparison.
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