Wednesday, 31 August 2011

'day 24/365 -london reflections' by The St@lker

I think this is beautiful. I love all the pastel colours but most of all I love the reflections. The photograph is of a street in london but the reflection looks more like buildings in Paris or Rome or some such place. They don't seem to match the parts of the buildings you can see.

Now I really want to find this street in London and photograph it myself. In fact I want to take lots more photos in London. I don't think I have enough to be honest. I have spent a lot of time in London over the years, in fact I used to work there, but I've not been there so much since my daughter was born. Maybe I'll treat my camera to a day out in London some time soon.

Monday, 29 August 2011

'Converse All Star' by Me

Converse All Star by PhotoPuddle
Converse All Star, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

As I mentioned in a previous post I treated myself to a new pair of Converse the other day. That now takes me up to three pairs - purple, grey and now turquoise. I think I'd still love a green pair but the turquoise are just as cool for now. Yesterday, I did a bit of a photo session with the new shoes. I couldn't decide which picture to show you so here are my two favourites!

To all of you who've just had a long Bank Holiday weekend I hope you've had a lovely time. And to everyone else, I hope your week has started with a fantastic Monday!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

'Flirting.' by BeboFlickr

Flirting. by BeboFlickr
Flirting., a photo by BeboFlickr on Flickr.

Love this photo for two reasons. Firstly, the tone and colour. I love the slighly red tone as it makes it look rather retro. And secondly I love what's going on in the picture. The photographer has left me feeling really intruiged as to what's going on here. What is the ice cream man saying to these women? It must be something good as he's making them smile and has even got a passer by listening in as well. I think this is an excellent photo all round.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

'bEnCh mOndAY - bEeN ShOpPing' by Rain City Girl

Hope you've been having a lovely weekend so far. I must admit I've had a lovely day. It was in fact a rare day in which it was just hubby and me for a few hours. We dropped out daughter off at my sister's and then headed off to the cinema to watch The Inbetweeners movie. Any British readers will know what I'm going on about, and I must say that if you like the show then you'll definitely enjoy the film. Anyway, as we don't got the the cinema much these days we made sure we made the most of it by purchasing a rather large vat of coke, a giant bucket of popcorn and a big bag of pick 'n' mix! It had to be done. After that we went off for a spot of shopping which included a new pair of Converse shoes for me! Turquoise this time - I shall of course be photographing them in the near future. My daughter sort of ended up being bought a couple of pairs of boots too, lucky thing!

So that was my day? What have you been up to.

Oh, and the photo? Well it's an excellent shopping photo. Love the idea of photographing shopping bags like this. I am a huge hoarder of carrier bags (especially the pretty paper kind) so I might have to snap some myself. I also think the texture used on this photo is great. My favourite bit however is the fact that it's rather colourless except for the really pretty pink and green. They're really lovely shades that work really well together.

Friday, 26 August 2011

'Hail to spring' by lost in pixels

Hail to spring by lost in pixels
Hail to spring, a photo by lost in pixels on Flickr.

I’m afraid it’s a weather related post tonight as to be quite frank these past few days have been ridiculous. It’s been freezing cold and raining hard in the morning but by mid-afternoon it's warm and sunny. Come on weather either be summer or autumn. I'm happy with either. I love summer but am ready to embrace the arrival of the autumn.

I was going to use this weather inspired post to show you a weather inspired photograph but decided I had to show you this instead as it's really lovely. I like it because it's really delicate and the colours are so pretty. This is definitely one that needs to be framed and put up on wall in someone's home.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend with great weather!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

'My feet taken by my two year old' by my beautiful daughter

I'm dedicating this post to my daughter who's not even three yet but is already turning out to be a bit of a photographer herself. She's constantly stealing the camera from me so she can take some photos of her own. I know most toddlers probably do this but as I watch her I see she's so careful with the camera and you can also tell that she's thinking about every shot she takes not just clicking away randomly. For example today she was interested in trees and was looking up to take photos. She also saw a broken fence and wanted to take pictures through the gap it had left.

This photo is one of my favourites. Mainly because I'm jealous. Not that I love my feet or anything but I'm often pointing the camera at them as I reckon it'd make an intersting shot. They never quite turn out right though. However, this picture by my little girl is exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to achieve. This was totally taken by her with no involvement by me. I've just tweeked the colour a little bit to make it even nicer.

Now she's either rather artistic OR she's just taking the camera away so I stop pointing the bloomin' thing at her! I suspect it's a bit of both.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

'mersea in the snow' by Jo Ingate

mersea in the snow by Jo Ingate
mersea in the snow, a photo by Jo Ingate on Flickr.

When I went to Southwold I thought I'd reached my beach hut heaven but then I saw photos of these huts in Mersea, Essex. They are just so pretty.

I've decided to share this particular photo with you as it's so striking. I love the bright blue sky, the blinding white snow and the pretty pastels. It looks like something from another planet. Well something from a different country at least. It definitely doesn't look like a winter day in the UK.

Now, how do I break it to my husband that we need to be going on another little beach hut adventure soon?

Monday, 22 August 2011

'Swansea Marina' by Me

Swansea Marina by PhotoPuddle
Swansea Marina, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I wanted to post this photo by me tonight as I'm really pleased I managed to capture a perfect night scene without being blurry. You really need a tripod for a shot like this but as I didn't have one with me a big random shaped stone thing (i'm not sure what it was) had to do.

I also love this photo as it was taken at the end of a wonderful day out in Wales. We were only a away a few days but it felt like we'd been gone for a fortnight. I must admit I do like having lots of short trips away during the year rather than one great long holiday. I'm now wondering where our next adventure will be.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

'Spy Compostition with Human Element' by jambo ardalan jalayer

I am so drawn to this photo. The composition, the light, the colour - it all makes this a really interesting image. When I first saw it I though it was a train platform. Actually for some reason it reminded me of Ampere Way tram station - the tram stop for Ikea in Croydon. I have no idea why, I never get the tram to Ikea!! But it's not a station, apparently it's a boardwalk in Long Island which makes me really want the camera to pan round so I can see the surrounding area. I'm really curious to see exactly where it is. If anyone knows where this is and can shed any light that would be great!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

'Young Swan' by madbesl

Young Swan by madbesl
Young Swan, a photo by madbesl on Flickr.

Do what do you guys think of this photo? Did it make you go "Awwwwww"? It certainly made me want to pick this baby swan up and give it a cuddle. I am really impressed with how the photographer has managed to capture all the little details of this bird. I think it's a really lovely image. Hope it made you smile a little too.

Friday, 19 August 2011

'me and my shadow' by Rococo57

me and my shadow by Rococo57
me and my shadow, a photo by Rococo57 on Flickr.

I've not been about in the blogging world this week simply because life has got in the way - how rude of it!! Actually it's been pretty great as we've had another little break away. Although it was back to earth with a bump when my little one got chicken pox as soon as we got home.

Anyway I shall now say Happy Weekend as it appears to be Friday again. I think so anyway - I have totally lost track of the days of the week.

Now sit back and enjoy this lovely picture. It's unbelievably simple but the light and shadows are just so beautiful, especially the transparent shadow of the bottle. A really well observed photo.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

'Pretty things in Lewes' by Me

Pretty things in Lewes by PhotoPuddle
Pretty things in Lewes, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

Just a quick one to let you know that I'm guest posting today for Emma at A Matter of Choice. She has a great blog all about her experiences relocating from England to Cyprus and she wanted me to show her expat readers a photo reminding them what a British summer is like. Go have a look at the photo I've chosen.

Oh and it's not the one above. That's just a picture I took of a shop window in Lewes which was so pretty it needed to be photographed.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

'Flower' by amur_bb

Flower by amur_bb
Flower, a photo by amur_bb on Flickr.

As you've probably realised this blog is all about the photos. This photo is all about one single flower. It's a really powerful and clever shot. It's like nothing else matters apart from that one flower, at that moment in time. It looks like there are cars in the background so it was probably quite busy and noisy but in my mind all that was drowned out by the beauty of that little flower.

Hope you've been having a lovely weekend and you have a happy and peaceful week ahead.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

'Beach huts for hire' by Me

Beach huts for hire by PhotoPuddle
Beach huts for hire, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

What's that you say? You'd like to see another photo from my visit to Southwold? Oh go on then, if you insist! This sign obviously needed it's photo taken. Even my husband said that when he saw it he knew I'd stop to snap it! It was actually quite hard to capture as there was a phone number at the bottom that I didn't want to get in the shot. It was tricky to keep the camera steady enough to leave it out. I know I could have cropped it out at a later date but I wanted to get it right first time.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I resisted the urge to hire one. Maybe next summer.

Friday, 12 August 2011

'Untitled' by Ibai Acevedo

Untitled by Ibai Acevedo
Untitled, a photo by Ibai Acevedo on Flickr.

This photo almost gives me goosebumps, I love it so much. It is has a really peaceful and happy feeling to it and the sky is so beautiful. A perfectly captured sunset. It would actually be a gorgeous picture even without the aeroplane in it but the plane really makes it an almost magical photo. It manages to capture the excitement of arriving in a foreign country.

Happy weekend - hope the next few days are full of exciting adventures and a little bit of relaxation too!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

'Day Three Hundred Fifty One' by vanessawoz

I think we've all realised that the weather in Britain this summer hasn't been up to much but I can't believe even small children have now given up on the sunshine. Whilst walking home in the drizzle with my two year old today she said, "Mummy, if it snows tomorrow can we make a snowman?". I told her we could but it probably wouldn't snow tomorrow. I say "probably" because, well, who knows!

This is a lovely snowy picture. I believe it was taken in Italy but to me it really does look like the slushy, urban snow that we have in the towns here in the UK. I think the tones in this are great. The photographer has managed to make the street look freezing cold but also warm at the same time. Great choice of car to use too.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

'Beach huts in blue' by Me

Beach huts in blue by PhotoPuddle
Beach huts in blue, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

As you may or may not have noticed I've not posted in a while, that's because I've been off on my travels in Suffolk. Yes, I did it! I finally visited Southwold and I must admit I did actually squeal a little bit with delight when we arrived. The beach huts were as awesome as I'd hoped. And what made it even more amazing was that a lot of them were being used so I got to have a nosy inside. They are really cool. Most of them were really big so there was space for a bit of a kitchen and seating area. In fact I've lived in flats with smaller kitchens that some of these beach huts.

As can you imagine I took rather a lot of photos. Busy sorting through them now and will share more with you soon but here is one which was instantly a favourite. In fact I am thinking of getting it made into a print for my bathroom.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

'Sub-Arctic Midnight, Keflavik (IS) - 45 min. to midnight' by Coldpix

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Mine's been great so far. Fabulous night out with the girls on Friday night. Dinner, dancing and cocktails! More relaxed day yesterday though - mainly due to the after effects of one cocktail too many. Whoops!

I love this photo because of the light. It was taken in Iceland at almost midnight. I can't imagine what it must be like to not get totally dark at night. I still find it rather exciting in summer when the sun doesn't set until about 10pm! Iceland is definitely a place that's on my 'to visit' list. I actually have a friend who lives there. Maybe I should turn up on her doorstep one day!

Hope you've been doing lots of fun things this weekend.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

'Untitled' by » madelyn

Untitled by » madelyn
Untitled, a photo by » madelyn on Flickr.

What is up with the waether? Yesterday was so hot and sunny and then today it was all rain, rain, rain! Oh well, both were lovely days, just me and my little girl. Yesterday was a trip to the farm, bouncing on a trampoline, a new scooter and tea at Pizza Hut. Today was a snuggly day indoors which mainly involved lots of craft activities, stories, housework, children's telly and cuddles.

Anyway, on to tonight's photo which I think it so pretty. I love how just the shell is in focus, the rest of it doesn't need to be. The reflection has also been captured so wonderfully. Such a dreamy and lovely photo.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

'day threehundred: the step you'll have to take.' by thelastdisco

I am super excited tonight as my awesome, wonderful, amazing and fantastic husband has bought me a polaroid camera. It's an old Polaroid 600 which he managed to spot for sale secondhand really cheaply. In fact the film he's ordered for me actually cost more than the camera. I'm really excited about trying it out but I'm rather nervous too. With so few exposures costing so much money I have to make every shot count. I'll let you know how I get on.

I like this photo as it's got polaroids in it! It's an intgruiging shot. I think it looks like a positive photo but what is this person walking away from or walking towards? The bare feet make it even more fascinating. The light and shadows in this picture are just beautiful. It's especially lovely how the photographer has managed to capture that little sparkle of sunshine on that top polaroid.

Polaroids here I come. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

'Sunflowers' by Me

Sunflowers by PhotoPuddle
Sunflowers, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

My husband bought me some sunflowers on Sunday. I'm sure he knew exactly what I was going to do with them when he bought them! They are impossible not to photograph. I love taking pictures of them against a bright blue sky but this time I wanted to try something a bit different. I really like this one. I love the close up detail but I'm also pleased I decided to have the other flower in the background. I think it makes the shot a bit more interesting. I hope you like it too.

Monday, 1 August 2011

'sun lounger seeks sun..' by czuczy

sun lounger seeks sun.. by czuczy
sun lounger seeks sun.., a photo by czuczy on Flickr.

Well summer appears to be sticking around, it was another hot and sunny day today. I am sure there were a lot of people sitting outside today trying to top up their tan. I also suspect there are a lot of people who look a bit like lobsters tonight. In fact a day like this would be a busy one for a sun lounger therefore looking this picture made me feel a little sad. All this sun lounger wants is to make someone's holiday happy but it really isn't holiday season. I think this photo is great. To start with, it's a rather powerful shot - it actually got me talking about a sun lounger like it's a human being! Also the composition is just right. That grey expanse of cloudy sky really sums up what the picture's all about. The best bit though has to be the red umbrella. I'm always saying this but a splash of colour like this (espcially red) in an otherwise somber coloured photo is very striking.

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