Saturday, 28 June 2014

'Little Miss Sunshine' by Jianwei Yang

Little Miss Sunshine
Photo credit: Jianwei Yang on Flickr

It's nearly midday on Saturday and I thought I would post a big bright yellow photo to cheer myself up. Yellow is such a happy colour so let's see if this snaps me out of my bad mood. And it is a lovely photo. I don't just like the yellow, I also love that little pop of blue. The girl's t-shirt really stands out.

Anyway, nothing terrible has happened, it's just grey and rainy outside, I really want to go for a run, my husband is jet lagged so still asleep upstairs, I attempted some fancy loomed band bracelets but messed them up and kids have got out every single toy in the house. I think we'll have to have an early lunch then think of something fun to do this afternoon. Either that or change my mentality and turn a miserable day stuck indoors into a lovely lazy PJ day. Yes, that's right we are also not dressed yet! I will stop moaning now. Enjoy the lovely yellow photo.

Friday, 27 June 2014

'Front' by Finn Hopson

Photo credit: Finn Hopson on Flickr

It's Friday! How has your week been? Mine has been good. My husband has been away on business this week which sucked but as far as solo parenting goes I have had it good. My kids have been so well behaved and have been such great company. I am also super proud of my little boy as I left him for the first time at pre-school today and he loved it. He didn't mind that I left, had lots of fun and was good as gold. I must admit to feeling kind of weird about him starting but I now know not to worry and am looking forward to September when he starts properly.

Happy weekend everyone. Hope you have a good one. I was after a really pretty summery photo to start the weekend with as it's been such a hot and sunny week but I decided on this one instead. It's not at all summery but it is still extremely pretty!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

'Oreo' by Rexel Agapay

Photo credit: Rexel Agapay on Flickr 

I tried Oreos for the the first time today. They are really rather good and I get what all the fuss is about now. They were just mini ones though so perhaps I should invest in a packet of full sized ones tomorrow. The reason I am waffling on about Oreos is that I couldn't help thinking that such a well loved biscuit would be photographed a lot and it turns out I was right. I love this one as it's such a great action shot. It also looks like a huge amount of milk would have been used to get this great picture too. Now I am thinking I might try dunking some Oreos in a glass of milk. I think that's what people like to do with them anyway!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

'New shoes' by Me

Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

June is continuing to fly by way too quickly but I couldn't let the month pass without a public Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. This week we celebrated nine years of marriage. We even got to go out for the evening. We stuffed our faces with fajitas at Chiquitos and indulged in midweek mojitos. Got to love cocktails on a school night. And check out the lovely running shoes that my husband bought me. Aren't they beautiful? I must admit that I never thought I would feel this way about a pair of trainers but they are lovely and so comfy. And I've actually done some great running in them so far.

I hope June is treating you well xxx

Monday, 16 June 2014

'Summer' by Raffaele Camardella

Photo credit: Raffaele Camardella

I wanted to post a photo full of colour as today was a very grey day. Well the sky was grey anyway. The day itself was bright and happy. My son and I had a really wonderful mother and son day out in Brighton. He was such good fun and so well behaved. As I mentioned before he has his terrible two moments but he is lovely really. And I am so proud of my daughter today too. She was moved up to white reading books which probably means nothing to most of you. Basically it means she's reached the top reading level. This is generally expected by the end of year 2. She's only in reception. She's such a little superstar. I love my babies so much and I am bursting with pride today.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer (2) by peaceful-jp-scenery

Summer (2)
Photo credit: peaceful-jp-scenery on Flickr

I simply cannot believe we are pretty much half way through June already. At this rate summer will be over in the blink of am eye. But how lovely it is that summer is actually here. June has had it's stressful moments - mainly thanks to my two year. He was ill, had a trip to the minor injuries unit (thankfully neither of these were serious) and has just been testing our patience a bit with some "terrible twos" behaviour. But I am trying to ignore the stresses and enjoy what is probably my favourite season. A bit of warmth and sunshine always makes me smile. This photo makes me smile too. I love the contrast of the bright yellow sunflowers against that fabulous blue sky. And I really like the angle at which this was taken. It makes me wonder if these are really tall sunflowers or whether this was taken from very low down.

I hope your summer had started well. Long may the sunshine and blue skies continue!
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