Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Sunday Morning' by Fearghal

Week # 7 of 52 for 2014 - Sunday Morning - [Explored February 16th 2014]
Photo credit: Fearghal on Flickr

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. After having nights out for the past three Saturdays I was looking forward to a slightly less busy day yesterday. It was not to be though. I went to Parkrun in the morning which is my new favourite way to start the weekend. Followed by a bit of shopping for school things for my daughter. Then in the afternoon we went out to see friends and even though it was only an afternoon thing we still didn't get home until really late! Never mind it was a lovely day and the kids weren't fussed about their late bedtime. I'm just a bit tired today and in need of a lazy Sunday if there is such a thing as a lazy Sunday when you have children!

Obviously today needed a lazy Sunday photograph and this bright and sunny looking one definitely does the job. I love all the subtle soft colours. And I what I think is especially effective is the way the green in the cup and plant match so well.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

'St Ives' by Me

St Ives
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

This summer we went on holiday to Cornwall. It was our second holiday there and I loved it just as much as I did when went last year. In fact I think I fell in love with it even more. I hope we can manage another break away down there next year. It's hard to explain why exactly but the place has really captured my heart. It's still in England but feel like a million miles away. It's just so beautiful and I love the relaxed atmosphere. As you can imagine I took one or two photos so I had better start sharing them here. Here is Porthminster Beach at St Ives. It is such a lovely sandy beach I could stay there all day. Sigh... Cornwall I miss you...

Monday, 15 September 2014

'Conkers season' by Rainer Schütz

Conkers season
Photo credit: Rainer Schütz on Flickr

We appear to be in that strange no man's land where summer is over but it's not quite autumn yet. The weather is so varied. It's really cold first thing in the morning but hot and sunny by the afternoon. I'm not really complaining as I love the sunshine and am pleased it's not raining. I just think it's contributing to me feeling so unsettled and anxious at the moment. I will probably be complaining how miserable I am because it's raining by next week!

What I am loving though is that it is conker season. I love conkers, they are so shiny and pretty. In fact I think I like collecting them more than my kids do. I have been picking up lots recently to keep on the windowsils to keep the spiders out. Probably just an old wive's tale but I am not taking any risks. I had to use this photo. Just look at all those conkers. I have never seen so many lying on the floor like that. Usually by the time I get to them they have been collected already or squashed. I wonder if that man in the background will be tempted to pick up a handful himself.

Friday, 12 September 2014

'17/365 square' by Jolanda Boekhout

17/365 Square (last one of the April theme). First of the roses. It's become a tradition to shoot the first rose in bloom in the garden. This rose is amazing, a hand full gorgeous soft vintage pink. #a52inpolaroid #mylifeinpolaroid #thepolagirlsclub #pola
Photo credit: Jolanda Boekhout on Flickr

So here it is. The weekend. I hope you all have some wonderful things planned and have a really relaxing time. I plan to be back at the park first thing tomorrow for my second Parkrun. I enjoyed it so much last week I am going back for more. Plus someone mentioned cake.

I shall kick the weekend off by showing you this beautiful and delicate polaroid photo. I don't actually think this would have worked so well as a crisp digital image. The softness of this is what makes it so lovely.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

'307' by Mariano Belmar

Photo credit: Mariano Belmar or Flickr

I think this photo is wonderful. I love how the pink and green works together perfectly against the grey background. I also love the fact that it's two old ladies wandering down the beach together. I wonder what their story is. Have they been best of friends for years? What are they chatting about? And what is in the green carrier bag? I love the green carrier bag!

This photo also made me thoughtful. Who will I have to walk arm in arm with down the beach when I am old? Other than members of my family I don't have a best friend. I am not complaining. I am very lucky as I have lots of friends and lots of people who I am close to and have a great time with. But I am not anyone's best friend. In fact of all the people I feel closest to they always talk about their  best friends (or bestie as best friends seem to be called these days) that aren't me! I guess most people met their BBF (is that the tight term?) when they were at school, college or uni. When I was at uni I was busy meeting my husband and you know what, he's a pretty fabulous best friend so I won't be too sad. I think walking arm in arm with him down the beach when we sure old will be just lovely.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

'late afternoon' by Susan L.

late afternoon
Photo credit: Susan L. on Flickr

So we are properly into September now. Thank goodness it is so warm and sunny or I would really have the post summer blues. I am just feeling kind of unsettled at the moment. September always seems to be a time of change which I am finding hard to embrace at the moment. I am also feeling really tired and anxious about various things. I could do with a very long weekend in bed doing nothing - although to be fair I think all that would do would make me feel guilty about not doing all the things I should be doing! And there always seems to be a lot of things I should be doing.

Here is a picture of a wall and a window made extraordinarily beautiful by the shadows on the walls. What a perfectly observed image. I love shadows like that as they are just crying out to be photographed.

I hope you are all easing yourselves into autumn gently and are enjoying the nice weather. And if you are reading this from the other side of the world. Then, yay it must be spring for you so enjoy!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside' by Me

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

So you may have noticed that before yesterday I hadn't blogged in ages. The main reason for that is that over the summer I decided to keep a journal to record all the fun we had in the school holidays. And by that I mean a proper paper scrapbook filled with pictures and words and even a few drawings all about our adventures. I loved doing it and I still flick through it every day as it makes me smile. Anyway, all this scrapbooking of an evening left little time for blogging. Instead of feeling guilty about not doing it I decided to consciously take a break for August and come back to this little old blog of mine in September. So here I am. Hello! I hope you had a fabulous summer. Here is one of my favourite photos of the summer. It's my son and daughter and their friends walking along holiday hands on Brighton seafront. It kind of sums up the summer for us as we spent most of the time out and about with friends. I hope all had a wonderful summer. Here's to a brilliant autumn!

Monday, 8 September 2014

'Hastings on Hudson' by June Marie

Hastings On Hudson
Photo credit: June Marie on Flickr

So how was you weekend? Mine was busy, busy and a little bit more busy. It included my very first Parkrun (a weekly Saturday running race thing for those of you that don't know about running, a major tidy up at home, an 80s themed 40th birthday party (which hubby and I both went to TOGETHER), a morning wander around Nymans in West Sussex, scrummy Sunday roast at the pub, a 3rd birthday party and finally an early night tucked up in bed watching the morning's coverage of the Great North Run. What did you get up to this weekend? Lots of fabulous things I hope!

I am using this photo today as it's summery and it seems that after a couple of dodgy weeks in August summer decided to come back to us in September. I love the warmth of this image and I am really drawn to the yellow car in particular.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

'Love Letters to Tacy' by Doris Rapp

Love Letters to Tacy
Photo credit: Doris Rapp on Flickr

This week my husband and I stumbled across some old letters we'd written to each other when we were students and had just met. Oh my gosh they were cringy. We sounded so young. But even though I was embarrassed reading them I'm pleased we kept them. It got me thinking about how different things are nowadays when it comes to love letters. People don't really send handwritten mail any more. The closest you'll come to that is a long email but social media means that new relationships are now conducted through tweets, texts, instant messages etc. Don't get me wrong you can still be romantic through your phone but I find it a bit sad that people won't be digging out crumpled pieces of paper in years to come and reliving those early relationship days again.

I had in mind what photograph I wanted to post with these musings and amazingly I came across this one almost straight away. I love the look of these old letters and the tulip adds something extra special to this image. I am sure these letters are full of words as beautiful as this photo.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

'Evening stroll' by Me

Evening stroll
Photo Credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Last week we had a short break away in South Wales. The weather was just wonderful and we spent most of the time on the beach. The beach was especially beautiful in the evening and it was nice to relax and watch the kids having such fun on the sand and in the water. They were made for the seaside. I took lots of pictures of everyone but tonight I am going to show you this random one of some nuns going for an evening stroll along the sand. When I saw these women I just knew this would make a fascinating photo and I think it really did. And I have not edited the colour in any way. Isn't that evening light just stunning?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

'cafe : )*'by Momota.M

cafe : )*
Photo credit: Momota.M on Flickr

Tomorrow is the last day of term before the summer holidays. I am having so many conflicting emotions right now. I am really happy because I am shattered and I could do with a change of routine. But I am also a bit sad because I like doing the school run. I like getting up and out in the morning, I like having a natter with friends at the school gates and like walking home and hearing all about my daughter's day. I am also sad because it's the end of my daughter's first year at school. It's been such a fantastic year. She has loved it and we've not had any problems with her work or her wanting to go to school. I don't think I am ready to leave the cosyness of the Reception playground and become a Year 1 mum. But I am excited because my little girl is excited. I know she'll do fantastically next year and I can't wait to see her continue on her school adventure. But mainly I am really looking forward to spending six weeks with both my children and having lots of summer fun together. I will deal with the fact they are growing up so fast in September. My son starts pre-school in September but I shall save that emotional wobble for another post!

I chose this photo today as it looks like a perfect place to take the kids for a summer lunchtime treat. Plus of course it is supremely pretty. I love the pastels. In fact never mind the children, it's a perfect place for me to have a lunchtime treat on my own!

Friday, 18 July 2014

'Summer' by Raffaele Camardella

Photo credit: Raffaele Camardella

I promised you more summer photos so here is a fabulous one that just bursts with colour. I love the multi coloured canoes but my favourite colour in this image had to be the beautiful turquoise sea. The picture fits in so well with how the weather is here today. It is what the tabloid newspapers might call, a scorcher! I think there will definitely be some paddling pool action in our back garden after school today. I hope if it's hot where you are you are enjoying it and it's not become to uncomfy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

'Last Day of Summer Picnic' by freckledfarm

Last Day of Summer Picnic
Photo credit: freckledfarm on Flickr

Today is a proud mummy day. My daughter got her first school report and it was filled with nothing but praise. She has had an amazing first year at school and has excelled in so many things. I knew she was a fabulous reader and is great at writing but she also is bit of a bright spark when it comes to maths apparently. But the one sentence out of the whole report which made me the proudest was this one: "She is a kind, caring member of the class with many friends." It's great being bright but what we all want the most for our children is for them to be good people and happy people. This confirms to me what I already knew, she is a rather special little girl.

And to change the subject I feel like this blog isn't summery enough. I love all the pictures I post here but recently they've not been as bright and sunny as they should have been at this time of year. So let's kick off the summer love with this gorgeous photograph which is a perfect picnic image. The sun has been captured wonderfully. I feel warm just looking at this.

Monday, 14 July 2014

'Bognor Regis' by Joy Phipps

Bognor Regis
Photo credit: Joy Phipps on Flickr

Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was great for so many reasons. Firstly it was productive. We did a good old declutter, sort out and tidy up in the house and in the shed. It felt really good. Place your bets though on how long it will take to get all messed up again! The weekend was fun for the kids as there were two children's parties. One of them I left my daughter at but the other we stayed at. My son had a great time playing with the big kids and I also got the chance to get together with some friends I've not seen in a while. Well I've seen most of them separately but due to busy lives getting in the way we've not been all together as a group since last year I guess. Then that evening I also went out with another group of friends. We had also not been all together for a while. And this weekend was also one of accomplishment as I did a fantastic run, even if I do say so myself. I ran 17km which is just over 10 and a half miles. It's the furthest I've ever run and it felt really good. Makes me feel a bit more confident about the half marathon I am doing in September.

This photo doesn't have anything to do with my weekend but it is gorgeous. It's a definite piece of art that belongs on a wall somewhere. I am now adding Bognor Regis to my list of places to visit as I've not been there in years and it's not that far away.

Hope your week has started well. Only four and a bit days until the weekend!

Friday, 11 July 2014

'Sadness' by Me

Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

I love taking photos in Brighton and feel so fortunate that I live close enough to do it quite a lot. My very favourite thing to take pictures of is West Pier so it makes me so sad to see it crumbling away before my eyes. I am guessing it won't be around for too much longer. I wonder if will just keep falling apart by itself or whether the council will one day decide to just pull what remains of it down. I guess I just need to keep pointing my camera at it as much as I can while it's still there. This photo is full of sadness but it makes me happy as I think it's one of the best West Pier photos I have taken.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

'Summer Picnic Shoot' by sushiigirl

Summer Picnic Shoot
Photo credit: sushiigirl on Flickr

I while back I was worrying about making sure my children had a really brilliant time in the summer holidays but I am not fretting about it any more. I have already got a few play-dates arranged, I have made a long list of places to visit and things to do and they will still be doing their gymnastics classes. I think we could also do with a few lazy days at home and definitely some lie-ins. Just hoping the weather gets nicer again. I've been so chilly these past two days I've been wearing my jacket out. This picture warms me up though. I love photos of picnics and this looks like a lovely lazy one. I imagining all the delicious goodies that are in that basket. (And yes I know this is probably a set up photo and the basket is no doubt empty but don't spoil the illusion for me!)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

'Cocktails' by Greg Nairn

Photo credit: Greg Nairn on Flickr 

So how was your weekend? After a fun and busy Friday I started the weekend on a bit of a low because I had a really rubbish run that evening. Rubbish because I started off really fast but after 3km got a stitch that I really couldn't run through so had to stop and go home. So for the first time in months I had a weekend off running. I had lots of fun. Saturday night it was dinner and cocktails and the next day a lovely Sunday roast with friends. But now I am feeling positive and ready to run again. Half marathon training here I come!

Here is a cocktail photo. I am sure the drinks are lovely too but just check out that view. Now there's a place to relax and hang out on a Saturday night.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

'In the padding pool' by Me

In the paddling pool
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

How is it July already? What happened to June? The fact that it's July gives me mixed feelings. It's well and truly summer now and I love summer. The school holidays are just three weeks away and I have been looking forward to these summer holidays since last summer. Last summer was seriously such a fantastic time. But there is a part of my that is sad that it's nearly the summer holidays because that means my daughter's time in reception is nearly over. It's been such a great school year and I am sad to see it over. I am also feeling the pressure to make sure that this summer is as absolutely fabulous as last summer was. I know I am probably just being silly. After all kids are pretty happy just spending the summer in a paddling pool (see photo above of my son) but I really, really want my children to have such amazing summer memories. Let's keep our fingers crossed for lots of lovely warm sunny days which I can fill with summer adventures and ice cream!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

'Little Miss Sunshine' by Jianwei Yang

Little Miss Sunshine
Photo credit: Jianwei Yang on Flickr

It's nearly midday on Saturday and I thought I would post a big bright yellow photo to cheer myself up. Yellow is such a happy colour so let's see if this snaps me out of my bad mood. And it is a lovely photo. I don't just like the yellow, I also love that little pop of blue. The girl's t-shirt really stands out.

Anyway, nothing terrible has happened, it's just grey and rainy outside, I really want to go for a run, my husband is jet lagged so still asleep upstairs, I attempted some fancy loomed band bracelets but messed them up and kids have got out every single toy in the house. I think we'll have to have an early lunch then think of something fun to do this afternoon. Either that or change my mentality and turn a miserable day stuck indoors into a lovely lazy PJ day. Yes, that's right we are also not dressed yet! I will stop moaning now. Enjoy the lovely yellow photo.

Friday, 27 June 2014

'Front' by Finn Hopson

Photo credit: Finn Hopson on Flickr

It's Friday! How has your week been? Mine has been good. My husband has been away on business this week which sucked but as far as solo parenting goes I have had it good. My kids have been so well behaved and have been such great company. I am also super proud of my little boy as I left him for the first time at pre-school today and he loved it. He didn't mind that I left, had lots of fun and was good as gold. I must admit to feeling kind of weird about him starting but I now know not to worry and am looking forward to September when he starts properly.

Happy weekend everyone. Hope you have a good one. I was after a really pretty summery photo to start the weekend with as it's been such a hot and sunny week but I decided on this one instead. It's not at all summery but it is still extremely pretty!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

'Oreo' by Rexel Agapay

Photo credit: Rexel Agapay on Flickr 

I tried Oreos for the the first time today. They are really rather good and I get what all the fuss is about now. They were just mini ones though so perhaps I should invest in a packet of full sized ones tomorrow. The reason I am waffling on about Oreos is that I couldn't help thinking that such a well loved biscuit would be photographed a lot and it turns out I was right. I love this one as it's such a great action shot. It also looks like a huge amount of milk would have been used to get this great picture too. Now I am thinking I might try dunking some Oreos in a glass of milk. I think that's what people like to do with them anyway!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

'New shoes' by Me

Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

June is continuing to fly by way too quickly but I couldn't let the month pass without a public Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. This week we celebrated nine years of marriage. We even got to go out for the evening. We stuffed our faces with fajitas at Chiquitos and indulged in midweek mojitos. Got to love cocktails on a school night. And check out the lovely running shoes that my husband bought me. Aren't they beautiful? I must admit that I never thought I would feel this way about a pair of trainers but they are lovely and so comfy. And I've actually done some great running in them so far.

I hope June is treating you well xxx

Monday, 16 June 2014

'Summer' by Raffaele Camardella

Photo credit: Raffaele Camardella

I wanted to post a photo full of colour as today was a very grey day. Well the sky was grey anyway. The day itself was bright and happy. My son and I had a really wonderful mother and son day out in Brighton. He was such good fun and so well behaved. As I mentioned before he has his terrible two moments but he is lovely really. And I am so proud of my daughter today too. She was moved up to white reading books which probably means nothing to most of you. Basically it means she's reached the top reading level. This is generally expected by the end of year 2. She's only in reception. She's such a little superstar. I love my babies so much and I am bursting with pride today.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer (2) by peaceful-jp-scenery

Summer (2)
Photo credit: peaceful-jp-scenery on Flickr

I simply cannot believe we are pretty much half way through June already. At this rate summer will be over in the blink of am eye. But how lovely it is that summer is actually here. June has had it's stressful moments - mainly thanks to my two year. He was ill, had a trip to the minor injuries unit (thankfully neither of these were serious) and has just been testing our patience a bit with some "terrible twos" behaviour. But I am trying to ignore the stresses and enjoy what is probably my favourite season. A bit of warmth and sunshine always makes me smile. This photo makes me smile too. I love the contrast of the bright yellow sunflowers against that fabulous blue sky. And I really like the angle at which this was taken. It makes me wonder if these are really tall sunflowers or whether this was taken from very low down.

I hope your summer had started well. Long may the sunshine and blue skies continue!

Friday, 30 May 2014

'Just keep sharpening' by Me

Just keep sharpening
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Well it turns out I was right. My kids and I just aren't chill out for a few days at home kind of people. I decided to take them out today and we had such a nice time. It was nothing amazing. We just popped to the next town, went to the park, played in the playground, had a picnic and fed the ducks. Then we went to the shops and I gave them £2 each to choose whatever they wanted. It was kind of fun going round the shops looking for things that were just £2. My son got a Monster's University toy that was on sale so that was him happy. And after lots of deliberation my daughter did some great shopping and got some notebooks and stationery. Which leads me to this photo. I was sharpening her new pencils and I decided that I wanted to take a picture. I got plenty of opportunity to get lots of shavings in shot as the pencils just kept on breaking and getting shorter and shorter and shorter. So annoying.

I hope you have had a good week especially if you too have been on half term. Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

'blu' by dogonnit

Photo credit: dogonnit on Flickr

It's half term this week. I love the school holidays. I like to make sure that they are full of fun and we get out and about doing things and seeing people. But this time I though it would be nice to have a  lazy chilled out week at home or not too far away from it. Turns out it was a bit of a mistake really. I think both the children and I need more adventure in our lives and it's been more stressful than I anticipated. Nothing bad has happened but I am sad this week hasn't been as good as it could have been. I also think the we didn't really need a holiday yet. It's only really been a month since the a Easter holidays finished. Anyway, enough moaning. I need to get off the Internet and plan a fun day for the little ones and me tomorrow.

And the photo.... Just a beautiful beach hut one as it's been a while. I usually love beach hut photos because of all the colours. But this is just one colour and it is still gorgeous.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

'Run, people, run' by - MAGA -

Run, people, run
Photo credit: - MAGA - on Flickr

It's all about the running at the moment it really is. It's taking over my life but in a good way. It's made feel proud of myself and I never feel particularly proud of myself. My proudest moment so far was last weekend when I ran my first organised 10k race. I found it so hard. I wasn't prepared for the hills or the heat and for most of the race I vowed to myself that I wouldn't ever do it again. But once that medal went round my neck and I got to guzzle a big cup of water I started to think differently. So now I have my Race For Life in two weeks, I am signed up to do an 8k race in September and I am plucking up the courage to enter a local half marathon in September.

I love the fact that I am doing something healthy too. I am definitely seeing a difference in my body shape. I've not really lost any weight but I think I look more toned for want of a better word.

And mostly I like what it's doing to my head. When I am running all I think about is running. I thought that with time like that alone I would be constantly thinking about things that were going on in my life and generally worrying about stuff but I don't. Even when I am not running I dedicate a lot of my thoughts to all things running related. It feels so freeing. I stress and worry too much so it's good to have a different place for my head to be.

This photo is great because of all the action in it. It just makes me want to run!! But it's 10 o'clock, I'm in my pyjamas and I've already run 9km today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

Friday, 16 May 2014

'Best friends' by Me

Best friends
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

I've not been blogging much recently because to be honest with you I've not really got a lot to say. Life is just plodding on as normal and I am enjoying the fact that summer has arrived. But whilst staring at a blank page thinking about what to write I remembered that this blog is apparently all about the photos! Therefore please excuse me if I just show you some photos I love without too much chit chat to accompany it. Let's start with this one that I took yesterday. I love it. It's impossible to watch my kids walking hand in hand together without taking a picture.

Happy weekend lovely people xxx

Monday, 12 May 2014

'Piccadilly Circus' by Ian Horne

Piccadilly Circus
Photo credit: Ian Horne on Flickr

I think this photo is brilliant. The focus, depth of field etc are all great but that's not what I love the most. I love those two girls on the left. They may not be in focus but to me they look like they are finding the whole thing quite amusing. I wonder whether the photographer had been lying on the floor for ages trying to get such a great shot. Or whether he did what I would probably have done and snapped a couple of sneaky shots whilst pretending to tie a shoe lace or something. Whatever happened, it was definitely worth the effort.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

'Down but not out' by Me

Down but not out
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Did you have a nice weekend? Our was both constructive and fun filled which is always good. We had a lovely time down on the farm yesterday. Well I say farm, there were a few animals but it was more about sandpits, trampolines and soft play! This was followed by a very spontaneous meal out at Chiquito. We had a such a good meal and the kids loved it too. It is now a family favourite. Also this weekend we finished painting the downstairs bathroom (and by that I mean my husband did) and I went declutting crazy. One day this house WILL be tidy. And the final brilliant thing aboutt this weekend was that I managed to bring my tulips back to life. They were looking all droopy like this but a top up of water and by the morning they were all perky again. Another reason to love tulips!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

'quiet' by 55Laney69

Photo credit: 55Laney69 on Flickr

What a lovely sunny Sunday morning it is. And it's a sunny Bank Holiday too. Let's hope the nice weather continues. It's a great time of year for Bank Holidays in this country. We have three all within a matter of weeks. So here is a bit of prettiness for a beautiful morning. This is such a lovely photo. It makes me want to get outside and run through fields or something. I hope you are all having lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

'Jogger' by Andreas Levers

Photo credit: Andreas Levers on Flickr

On Monday evening I ran 10km non stop. In fact was actually 10.6km. I am so proud of myself. I never thought I would make it to the end of the road in one piece never mind continuously running for just over an hour. The trouble is now I am a little bit scared to run again. I really want to get out there and I need to keep training for the Race For Life but I am worrying about letting myself down. When I did a 'proud of myself' status update on Facebook I got so much support and kind words from people that I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed. I didn't think I was doing anything special by running but people keep telling me I am a natural as I've only been running a couple of months. I've never been particularly good at anything before and I am scared of failing. People keep suggesting I do 10K races and half marathons but suppose the running I've been doing so far has just been luck? Suppose I never manage 10K again? I don't want to sign myself up for a public race and then embarrass myself. I guess I will just keep running and see how I feel after the Race For Life. Hopefully then I will know if running races are the thing for me. I hope they are.

Here is a great photograph of a runner. I love that he is so small in comparison to all the architecture around him. I love the colour and tone the image too. It feels almost like something from the future. It also look like there was no one around for miles. I wonder if this was taken very early in the morning. It looks like a really interesting place to run. That's what I love about running. I love using it as a chance to explore the local area. Much more interesting than running on a treadmill!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

'Brasserie Zedel, Piccadilly Circus, W1' by Ewan Munro

Brasserie Zédel, Piccadilly Circus, W1
Photo credit: Ewan Munro on Flickr

I love my life and I love that most things I do involve my children. I even enjoy eating out with them. However, it is nice once in a while to have a completely grown up night out. Last night was one of those nights and it was a really good one. I headed up to London early evening on the train and had hour to shop on Oxford Street. I managed to find the perfect black maxi skirt in H&M which I have been searching for for months. I felt good about myself too which doesn't always happen. I thought I really suited my outfit and someone with a camera wanted to take my photo. They asked if I lived in London but as I didn't they didn't need me. I am pleased to be honest as I wouldn't have wanted my picture taken. But I shall tell myself it was for a very cool fashion magazine and not an article on ugly Londoners!

After the shopping I went to meet my friends for dinner at a gorgeous restaurant called Brasserie Zedel. I didn't take any photos (apart from a couple of snaps of my dinner and a toilet selfie!) so I found this lovely one that doesn't show the whole restaurant but it captures the atmosphere I think. And shows how beautiful the place is. We drank cocktails and wine, ate three courses of delicious food. We laughed and chatted and I got presents as it was a belated birthday bash for me and another friend. I went home smiling after such a perfect night out.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too.

Friday, 25 April 2014

'candy colors' by Rafaela Oliveira

candy colors
Photo credit: Rafaela Oliveria

Apparently it's the weekend. I have had no idea what day it has been this week to be honest. The bank holiday really managed to confuse me! And yesterday (Thursday) I spent all day thinking it was Friday. Anyway, whatever day it is I hope you have a lovely couple of days ahead of you. I shall stop waffling on about days of the week now and let you enjoy the extreme prettiness of this photo. This looks like the happiest place to live. Love those pastel colours.

Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

'On top of the world' by Me

Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

The Easter holidays are over and that makes me sad as we had such a wonderful couple of weeks. My motto for the holiday was "A change is as good as a rest" although when my husband questioned whether this was actually true I did suggest perhaps "A change is as good as we're going to get" would be more realistic. I do think the change of routine did us all good though and the lovely sunshine definitely lifted my mood.

Here is a photograph I took of my little boy at the top of the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. He loved it up there and it's safe to say he's not scared of heights as he ran straight on to the glass floor and enjoyed looking down at everything below.

Here's a list of a few other things we got up to in the past few weeks.
  • Ate a lot of chocolate - I think we'll be eating Easter chocolate for many weeks to come
  • Did Easter crafts
  • Met up with friends - it was good for my daughter to catch up with various friends she doesn't see so much now they are all at different schools.
  • Watched a lot of Peppa Pig - thanks to Nick Jr 2 becoming Nick Jr Peppa throughout the month of April
  • Went to soft play - two different ones and neither were that busy despite being the holidays
  • Hung out with family - including seeing my youngest sister who I don't get to see very often
  • Ate out lots - and had the best burger even in Cafe Rouge
  • Went to gymnastics lessons
  • Ran lots - that was just me though
  • Shopped for clothes - got lots of summer things which I can't wear now as it's raining
  • Had tea at friend's house - that was just my daughter
  • Went to playgrounds - there are loads of good ones round here
  • Did homework - most of that was reading which my daughter just loves to do anyway
  • Went away for a few days to Southampton - a much needed break away
  • Went to the Zoo - I thoroughly recommend Marwell if you are ever in the Hampshire area
  • Watched films - Monsters Inc, Monsters University and Frozen are the big favourites at the moment
  • Went swimming
  • Celebrated my 37th birthday - and didn't feel as old as I thought I would
  • Went to the seaside - Brighton of course
  • Splashed in puddles - when the rain finally came on Sunday my son was really keen to try out his new wellies in some puddles
  • Had picnics
  • Drank wine - just the grown ups of course
  • Drank champagne - well it was my birthday
  • Went up the Spinnaker - see photo above
  • Sailed a boat - just a little one but my daughter loved it
  • Bought school summer dresses - which are currently hanging up in the wardrobe as it's not summer dress weather any more
  • Painted the bathroom - it looks as shiny as new
  • Cleared out my wardrobe - had to make room for the new clothes
  • Hunted for Easter Eggs - and hunted for Easter bunnies too
I'm sure there other things I could mention but that'll do for now. I hope you've been having a fantastic time recently too. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

'Happy Easter' by V Photography and Art

Happy Easter!
Photo credit: V Photography and Art on Flickr

I've given myself a bit of a blogging break over the Easter holidays. Normal service will resume soon. In the mean time here are some mini eggs. I dare you to look at this photo and not get an instant craving. They are just so good.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, 11 April 2014

'It's all about spring' by Me

It's all about spring
Photo credit: PhotoPudlle on Flickr

I am shattered. It's all good though. It's just the sign of a fantastic first week of the Easter holidays. We have been so busy and had so much fun and I'm sad we're almost half way through now. Never mind, another fun filled week lies ahead of us. I expect I will be twice as tired by next weekend but I won't complain (yet) as I'm finding a change is indeed as good as a rest.

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you are having lots of fun in the spring sunshine!

Monday, 7 April 2014

'Running Track' by Sasin Tipchai

Running Track
Photo credit: Sasin Tipchai

I am not going to turn this into a running journal but I am so pleased with myself at the moment I need to record it here. On Saturday I ran 6km without stopping. And to be honest I think I could have gone further. I am not fast by any means - I definitely won't be winning any races - but I am forever surprising myself at my stamina. I thought 5km was definitely my limit but there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me that a 10km race might not be such an unrealistic ambition. I used to joke about not being about to run for a bus, well funnily enough I did have to run for a bus today and I wasn't out of breath when I got on. That's an achievement in itself! Roll on tomorrow evening when I should get the chance to get out running again.

This is a fantastic running photo to accompany my running rambling. It is so simple but so striking. I love the colours and I really like that you can't see where the track is going. Great picture that really makes me want to put my trainers on and go!

Friday, 4 April 2014

'Beach hut Jangle's' by Cobby31

Beach hut Jangle's
Photo credit: Cobby31 on Flickr

I probably should have posted this a couple of days ago but... Hello April! So far it has been a good month and the rest of it looks set to be rather busy. The school holidays started today which I am so pleased about. I am exhausted and whilst I know I won't exactly be putting my feet up got two weeks I will appreciate the change of routine. Hopefully we'll also get a few lazy mornings.

April is also an exciting month because it's my birthday. I was feeling quite bummed about turning 37 but I have realised I have so many friends turning 40 this year without complaining. I really shouldn't be fussed about 37! And I must mention a much more important birthday this month. My little boy will be turning two. Whilst I am a bit sad that this means a definite end to the baby years I am actually more excited because two is such an amazing age. There will be so much fun stuff he and I can get up to together.

So let me wish you a happy weekend and a happy Easter holidays if you are off on them too. I will leave you with this lovely photo. I don't think I need to explain why I love it. It's a beach hut that is just all kinds of pretty. A perfect photo to kick off what I hope will be a wonderful Easter.

Monday, 31 March 2014

'Mother's Day tulips' by Me

Mother's Day tulips
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

A Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mothers in the UK and in any other place in the world that celebrated Mothering Sunday yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day. I had a really wonderful time and felt very spoiled. My five year old daughter is so sweet. She chose her present for me all by herself. Apparently she had her heart set on getting me a vase to put flowers in. She dragged her daddy round lots of shops on Saturday and fell in love with a glass butterfly vase which she really wanted to get for me. I tried photographing it today but was really not happy with the shots I got so here is a close up of the beautiful tulips that are currently sitting in it.

Friday, 28 March 2014

'Untitled' by Monica Forss

Photo credit: Monica Forss on Flickr

I love this photo. I love this vintage feel of it. I love the sparkle on the water. I love the wet footprints. I love how it makes me think of the summer. I think this weekend is set to be another chilly one but summer can't be far away now. I just hope that this summer will be as lovely as last year's was. I have lots of happy memories (and photographs) of all the fun we had last summer. Sigh... not long now.

Happy weekend all you lovely people.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

'Running on empty' by skubmic

Running on empty
Photo credit: skubmic on Flickr

I am sharing another running photo today as it is such a contrast to the last photo I posted. My Brighton parasols picture was all about beautiful blue skies but the beauty in this is in the absence of colour. Even a grey snowy day can make for a wonderful picture. The subject of the photo is interesting too. I do wonder if I would have the motivation to go out running on a day like this as it looks rather cold. And as a running beginner that hill looks rather steep too. I can see myself walking up that.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

'blue skies and parasols' by Me

Blue skies and parasols
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Kids don't care about the weather. They just want to get outside and play. Today my daughter's year did a sponsored scoot around the playing field at school. It was raining and the parents all expressed their disappointment at the rubbish weather (and by that I mean we grizzled a bit as we had to stand outside and watch). But our children were all so excited and didn't care about the rain. It was so lovely seeing them all scooting and cycling round the field. My daughter was very proud of the six laps she managed to do in the time. In the end I didn't care about the weather either.

That said I do like a nice sunny day where the skies are a perfect blue. I took this photo when we were in Brighton the other weekend. The weather that day was rather different from today. That's the funny thing about spring, you never know what what weather you are going to get. At the end of March two years ago we had a proper heatwave. I had to rush out and buy emergency sun cream, flip flops and sun hat for my daughter. And rushing anywhere wasn't easy being eight months pregnant! Then last year it snowed in March. Proper snow where the schools were closed and everyone panic bought bread and milk - because you know how the world stops if you can't have milky tea and sandwiches.

Anyway, I love this photo. It looks like it was taken somewhere exotic on holiday but really I was just sitting on a bench by the beach eating fish and chips. I looked up and thought those brollies look nice. Click. Job done!

Monday, 24 March 2014

'running.' by Billy Lam

Photo credit: Billy Lam on Flickr
So it appears I am a runner now. I have gone from being someone who got out of breath at the thought of running for a bus to someone who can run 5km in 33 minutes (that was the second time I had run that far so I was super pleased with that time). I am so surprised by how addictive running is and how it really does give you a natural high. I am also amazed at how much I want to push myself to go faster and further. I am not a particularly competitive person and I can lack motivation but when it comes to running I seem to be completely different. It's early days though. Perhaps the novelty will wear off after I've done the Race for Life but I hope not.

Like the knitting photos here's another opportunity to combine hobbies. I wonder what fabulous running pictures I can find. I was instantly drawn to this one because of the beautiful sunshine. It is such a positive image. I think the angle this was taken at it great too and I really love the little hints of orange on the shoes and on the ground.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

'Back in time' by Rose Erkul

Back in time
Photo credit: Rose Erkul on Flickr
Some how I have managed to find myself out of an evening three times during the past week. Last night hubby and I went out for a friend's 40th birthday celebrations, during the week I met at the pub with my Race for Life team for wine and running talk and last Friday was cocktails and dancing on a girls night. I do love going out but I must admit I have been looking forward to an evening snuggled in front of the telly catching up on all the programmes sitting on my Sky+ box. How is you weekend going? Have you been out partying or just having a relaxing time at home?

I have to show you this photo just because it's one of those moody photos full of atmosphere that I love. There not really a lot going on in this shot but I can't take my eyes of it. Beautiful bokeh too.

Happy weekend folks!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

'From the car window' by Me

Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Sadly it appears Flickr is disabling it's convenient sharing through Blogger facility. This means a bit of playing around with my blog is needed so I can carry on doing what I have been doing. Therefore this is a practice post so see what it will look like. I am so disappointed. I hate it when websites mess with the way things are done and take away things just because they don't make enough money. Don't get me started on how I felt when Google Reader was taken away.

Right moan over. I am going to hit publish now and see what happens! This is one of my photos by the way. It was taken this weekend after a lovely day out in Brighton. We were stuck in traffic trying to leave so I just snapped away at buildings through the car window. I love the contrast of the brilliant blue sky against the bright white building. Really lovely architecture too which I hadn't really noticed before.

Friday, 14 March 2014

'untitled' by Chikashi Ito

untitled by Chikashi Ito
untitled, a photo by Chikashi Ito on Flickr.

In my last post I posted a picture of a very pretty dress and said I would love to wear outfits like that more often. Today's photograph is just as beautiful - look at that lovely dreamy light - but shows an example of how I actually look much of the time. Jeans and stripes and probably taking a photograph of something.

Happy weekend everyone. Here's hoping it stays full of spring sunshine.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'Untitled' by antesforia

Untitled by antesforia
Untitled, a photo by antesforia on Flickr.

I love this photo. It looks like it was taken at the beginning of an exciting adventure. I wonder what images were captured with that camera. I also love this picture as the girl is wearing such a pretty dress. It reminds me of the resolution I make with myself every year. I always say I will wear more skirts and dresses but I always find myself migrating back to my usual style of jeans and t-shirts. I don't really have many skirts but I do have rather a lot of dresses in my wardrobe now. Perhaps this will finally be the year I wear them all regularly and not just on special occasions. After all why can't every day feel like a special day?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

'Pretty' by Me

Pretty by PhotoPuddle
Pretty, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

And I'm back. Did you miss me? I have spent the past week feeling poorly with a horrible cold and blogging just came way down the list of priorities. In fact I didn't really have much of a list of priorities other than get daughter to and from school and throw food at children every now and again! I could go on about how rubbish this week was but instead I want to focus on all the wonderful stuff that happened.

Firstly, I felt really loved this week. My husband as always was a wonderful nurse but my children too were great at looking after me. And I have lovely friends who looked out for me too. I never ask for help normally if I am ill, I generally just muddle on through. This time was no different except for the friends who just took it upon themselves to look after me, especially on the day my children have their gymnastics lessons. Without asking me they had worked out the logistics of taking my son in the morning and my daughter in the afternoon to their lessons so I could stay home and rest. It was so nice of them and the hour and a half I got home alone that day was sheer bliss! It's made me realise that it's OK to ask for help. After all I would always help a friend in need.

This week was my daughter's parent's evening and it was went so well. In fact her teacher honestly couldn't think of anything negative to say about her. She is happy, helpful and rather clever it would appear. I am such a proud mummy. Oh and she went up yet another reading level this week too. She is now reading books aimed at children at the end of year two. She's only in reception bless her.

And I am so proud of my son too. He seems to have grown up this week without me looking. I have been feeling guilty for just kind of leaving him too it this week - we've watched a lot of Peppa Pig - but it doesn't appear to have done him any harm. His speech and understanding of things are coming along so well. We've even started to have little conversations in our own mummy/son kind of a way. I can't believe he'll be two in just six weeks.

And something else happened while I wasn't looking too. Spring turned up. What a beautiful weekend it has been. And it doesn't feel like just a nice day in winter it really does feel like proper spring which is so welcome after feeling cold for so long.

Anyway, how are you? How was your weekend? I hope you are well and enjoying the change of season too.

Monday, 3 March 2014

'Star and bubbles' by Dennis Wong

Star and bubbles by Dennis Wong
Star and bubbles, a photo by Dennis Wong on Flickr.
I spent most of this weekend feeling hugely emotional, really rough, completely shattered and in pain. But also this weekend I found myself feeling incredibly lucky and happy. My family have been wonderful at looking after me. I only have a cold but it's been a particularly nasty one which has completely floored me. I have been especially impressed by my children who have been total superstars. My daughter has been running around getting things for me and my 22 month old even figured out not to give mummy any hassle.

But most of all this weekend I felt lucky and blessed that I can hold both my children in my arms and hug them tightly. On Saturday I went to the Matilda Mae Remembers memorial service where we remembered all the babies in the sky who were taken from their families far far too soon. It was a heartbreaking day but it felt good to be in the presence of such courageous mothers. It was also wonderful to get the opportunity to publicly remember all those little lives that were tragically cut short.

I also got the opportunity to make some lovely new friends and to spend some time with my dear friend Heather who I don't get to see very often as she refuses to completely uproot her life and move down south!

Anyway, today's photo had to be a tribute to Matilda Mae and I think this one I found is perfect. Pink, purple, stars and bubbles. I hope the wonderful Jennie approves and I hope Matilda Mae looks down from the sky and loves it too.
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