Friday, 26 August 2011

'Hail to spring' by lost in pixels

Hail to spring by lost in pixels
Hail to spring, a photo by lost in pixels on Flickr.

I’m afraid it’s a weather related post tonight as to be quite frank these past few days have been ridiculous. It’s been freezing cold and raining hard in the morning but by mid-afternoon it's warm and sunny. Come on weather either be summer or autumn. I'm happy with either. I love summer but am ready to embrace the arrival of the autumn.

I was going to use this weather inspired post to show you a weather inspired photograph but decided I had to show you this instead as it's really lovely. I like it because it's really delicate and the colours are so pretty. This is definitely one that needs to be framed and put up on wall in someone's home.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend with great weather!

1 comment:

  1. That is a truly beautiful shot. Absolutely love it!
    Our weather has been a bit crazy too. Warm winter days of 25 degrees and then the following day it's 10! I am waiting for winter/spring to make up its mind!


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