Monday, 22 August 2011

'Swansea Marina' by Me

Swansea Marina by PhotoPuddle
Swansea Marina, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I wanted to post this photo by me tonight as I'm really pleased I managed to capture a perfect night scene without being blurry. You really need a tripod for a shot like this but as I didn't have one with me a big random shaped stone thing (i'm not sure what it was) had to do.

I also love this photo as it was taken at the end of a wonderful day out in Wales. We were only a away a few days but it felt like we'd been gone for a fortnight. I must admit I do like having lots of short trips away during the year rather than one great long holiday. I'm now wondering where our next adventure will be.


  1. Very lovely 'Blue Hour' shot ! Nicely exposed. ;-)

  2. Everything about this photo is just perfectly beautiful! The reflection off the water, the glow of the lights and the shades of blue that cover the entire scene ... perfect! Great shot!

  3. Amazing shot! - I haven't done any night photography since June (it's been too cold here). Absolutely love that pic, everything about it is perfect, the composition, lighting, colours and I love the reflection on the water too. Well done :)

  4. What stunning colours. Beautiful


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