Friday, 19 August 2011

'me and my shadow' by Rococo57

me and my shadow by Rococo57
me and my shadow, a photo by Rococo57 on Flickr.

I've not been about in the blogging world this week simply because life has got in the way - how rude of it!! Actually it's been pretty great as we've had another little break away. Although it was back to earth with a bump when my little one got chicken pox as soon as we got home.

Anyway I shall now say Happy Weekend as it appears to be Friday again. I think so anyway - I have totally lost track of the days of the week.

Now sit back and enjoy this lovely picture. It's unbelievably simple but the light and shadows are just so beautiful, especially the transparent shadow of the bottle. A really well observed photo.


  1. I REALLy like this photo! It's so captivating!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Super photo -- i love browsing Flickr.


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