Sunday, 14 August 2011

'Flower' by amur_bb

Flower by amur_bb
Flower, a photo by amur_bb on Flickr.

As you've probably realised this blog is all about the photos. This photo is all about one single flower. It's a really powerful and clever shot. It's like nothing else matters apart from that one flower, at that moment in time. It looks like there are cars in the background so it was probably quite busy and noisy but in my mind all that was drowned out by the beauty of that little flower.

Hope you've been having a lovely weekend and you have a happy and peaceful week ahead.


  1. Striking indeed. I love the Bokeh on this shot too... ;-) (it's Jennie from btw) Fr some reason I can't post on your blog witout being annon. It always says to me "You do not have access to view this page, log out" ;-(

  2. Jennie - sorry you're still having trouble commenting. I did receive some comments from you earlier today so I thought the problem may have fixed itself!


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