Wednesday, 10 September 2014

'late afternoon' by Susan L.

late afternoon
Photo credit: Susan L. on Flickr

So we are properly into September now. Thank goodness it is so warm and sunny or I would really have the post summer blues. I am just feeling kind of unsettled at the moment. September always seems to be a time of change which I am finding hard to embrace at the moment. I am also feeling really tired and anxious about various things. I could do with a very long weekend in bed doing nothing - although to be fair I think all that would do would make me feel guilty about not doing all the things I should be doing! And there always seems to be a lot of things I should be doing.

Here is a picture of a wall and a window made extraordinarily beautiful by the shadows on the walls. What a perfectly observed image. I love shadows like that as they are just crying out to be photographed.

I hope you are all easing yourselves into autumn gently and are enjoying the nice weather. And if you are reading this from the other side of the world. Then, yay it must be spring for you so enjoy!

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