Friday, 12 September 2014

'17/365 square' by Jolanda Boekhout

17/365 Square (last one of the April theme). First of the roses. It's become a tradition to shoot the first rose in bloom in the garden. This rose is amazing, a hand full gorgeous soft vintage pink. #a52inpolaroid #mylifeinpolaroid #thepolagirlsclub #pola
Photo credit: Jolanda Boekhout on Flickr

So here it is. The weekend. I hope you all have some wonderful things planned and have a really relaxing time. I plan to be back at the park first thing tomorrow for my second Parkrun. I enjoyed it so much last week I am going back for more. Plus someone mentioned cake.

I shall kick the weekend off by showing you this beautiful and delicate polaroid photo. I don't actually think this would have worked so well as a crisp digital image. The softness of this is what makes it so lovely.

Happy weekend everyone!

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