Friday, 16 May 2014

'Best friends' by Me

Best friends
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

I've not been blogging much recently because to be honest with you I've not really got a lot to say. Life is just plodding on as normal and I am enjoying the fact that summer has arrived. But whilst staring at a blank page thinking about what to write I remembered that this blog is apparently all about the photos! Therefore please excuse me if I just show you some photos I love without too much chit chat to accompany it. Let's start with this one that I took yesterday. I love it. It's impossible to watch my kids walking hand in hand together without taking a picture.

Happy weekend lovely people xxx


  1. Ah that's sweet. I'll should try and get one of my two like this - it's usually more a case of K dragging E along while he tries to get away :/

  2. Such a lovely, lovely photo (makes me excited about having our second!) x

  3. Aww..such a sweet photo:) xoxo

  4. So so SO sweet. I have lots like this too. Melts my heart when they walk to and from school hand in hand xx


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