Thursday, 29 May 2014

'blu' by dogonnit

Photo credit: dogonnit on Flickr

It's half term this week. I love the school holidays. I like to make sure that they are full of fun and we get out and about doing things and seeing people. But this time I though it would be nice to have a  lazy chilled out week at home or not too far away from it. Turns out it was a bit of a mistake really. I think both the children and I need more adventure in our lives and it's been more stressful than I anticipated. Nothing bad has happened but I am sad this week hasn't been as good as it could have been. I also think the we didn't really need a holiday yet. It's only really been a month since the a Easter holidays finished. Anyway, enough moaning. I need to get off the Internet and plan a fun day for the little ones and me tomorrow.

And the photo.... Just a beautiful beach hut one as it's been a while. I usually love beach hut photos because of all the colours. But this is just one colour and it is still gorgeous.

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