Saturday, 28 June 2014

'Little Miss Sunshine' by Jianwei Yang

Little Miss Sunshine
Photo credit: Jianwei Yang on Flickr

It's nearly midday on Saturday and I thought I would post a big bright yellow photo to cheer myself up. Yellow is such a happy colour so let's see if this snaps me out of my bad mood. And it is a lovely photo. I don't just like the yellow, I also love that little pop of blue. The girl's t-shirt really stands out.

Anyway, nothing terrible has happened, it's just grey and rainy outside, I really want to go for a run, my husband is jet lagged so still asleep upstairs, I attempted some fancy loomed band bracelets but messed them up and kids have got out every single toy in the house. I think we'll have to have an early lunch then think of something fun to do this afternoon. Either that or change my mentality and turn a miserable day stuck indoors into a lovely lazy PJ day. Yes, that's right we are also not dressed yet! I will stop moaning now. Enjoy the lovely yellow photo.


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