Monday, 14 July 2014

'Bognor Regis' by Joy Phipps

Bognor Regis
Photo credit: Joy Phipps on Flickr

Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was great for so many reasons. Firstly it was productive. We did a good old declutter, sort out and tidy up in the house and in the shed. It felt really good. Place your bets though on how long it will take to get all messed up again! The weekend was fun for the kids as there were two children's parties. One of them I left my daughter at but the other we stayed at. My son had a great time playing with the big kids and I also got the chance to get together with some friends I've not seen in a while. Well I've seen most of them separately but due to busy lives getting in the way we've not been all together as a group since last year I guess. Then that evening I also went out with another group of friends. We had also not been all together for a while. And this weekend was also one of accomplishment as I did a fantastic run, even if I do say so myself. I ran 17km which is just over 10 and a half miles. It's the furthest I've ever run and it felt really good. Makes me feel a bit more confident about the half marathon I am doing in September.

This photo doesn't have anything to do with my weekend but it is gorgeous. It's a definite piece of art that belongs on a wall somewhere. I am now adding Bognor Regis to my list of places to visit as I've not been there in years and it's not that far away.

Hope your week has started well. Only four and a bit days until the weekend!

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