Thursday, 29 July 2010

'Windows in Paris' by Me

Windows in Paris, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

Sometimes I go back through my old holiday photos to see what else there is as well as people posing in front of famous landmarks. And I wasn't surprised to find quite a few arty ones had sneaked in there. I took this one in Paris quite a few years ago now. I guess it's not unusual to want to take lots of pretty pictures in Paris though. I just think my husband should be very pleased we went there before my photography obsession started. If we went again it could be a very long trip!


  1. Beautiful. I love all that ironwork. They seem to have so much nicer ironwork in France than we do. I love Paris.

  2. mmmmm i just love this picture. i want to go to paris so badly...well in the meantime let's raise our glasses of pimms and give a 'cheers!' to that idea.


  3. Ooh gorgeous! Beautiful colours! I haven't been to Paris yet...I fear I'll never want to leave when I do go!

  4. I adore Paris and this building is amazing!!!

  5. Had a little giggle at the mental pic of your husband talking to you through a camera lens that is surgically attached to your face :D Lovely photo and you should go back and take loads more:) Jen


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