Saturday, 3 July 2010

'red.' by hello gaby

red., originally uploaded by hello gaby.

Firstly, thank you all so very much for your lovely encouraging comments on my last post. Obviously when I posted that picture I did hope someone might say something nice but I was really overwhelmed by all your kind words. You've definitely given me something to think about now.

Secondly, I also mentioned in that post that I'd be sharing another lovely picture with you yesterday. Unfortunately I got back far too late from a great night out drinking Pimms with friends to post anything. I'm sure you'll understand!

And thirdly, isn't this photo great? I'm sharing it with you tonight as I think it's a fantastic Saturday night image. The colours are just so bold and striking and you've just got to love bright red shoes! I also love what this photo seems to symbolise. I sense the anticipation. Looking out over the city wondering what the night has in store and what fun is going to be had in these shoes. I bet it was a great night out!


  1. That is exactly what I thought 'a great night out' :) Jen

  2. Cool. I just love pictures of shoes. Red mkaes it even better. Thanks for the info on the cards


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