Tuesday, 27 July 2010

'Birthday Streamers' by acreativemint

Birthday Streamers, originally uploaded by acreativemint.

I hope your week is going well. And I'd like to apologise to anyone in the UK who's got rather rubbish weather at the moment. It's the worst kind of weather really because it's dull, and it looks like rain but it's really muggy and hot. Just rain already and let's get back to the summer sunshine. Anyway, I am apologising because it's probably my fault the sun went away as I bought new sunglasses at the weekend. I am now fully prepared to not to wear them for the rest of the summer. Last year I made the sun go away by buying a paddling pool!

So here is my sunshine filled apology. When I saw this photo it made me smile. You can't even see what this is or what it's facing but you just know it was a beautiful hot day with a cool breeze blowing, lots of people enjoying themselves and just generally being in a good mood.


  1. ahahahaha!! your sunglasses comment has made my day!

    my bday is coming up soon and lately everything i see is reminding me of the (dreaded)day. maybe i should get some streamers.


  2. That is a cheery photo, I do love streamers! In these (northern) parts it is raining a LOT. It's not your fault it's the councils for imposing a hose pipe ban!x

  3. Such a cute photo!! I love the movement and the colors.

  4. Your picture makes summer so comfortable.

  5. I can hear the laughing :) Great photo. Jen


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