Monday, 5 July 2010

'.0874' by hildagrahnat

.0874, originally uploaded by hildagrahnat.

This one kind of follows on from yesterday. After a relaxing day by the pool what better way to end the day than a sunset swim with friends. The people in this photo look like they're having a great time.The photographer has managed the capture the playfulness brilliantly even though you can only really see sillouettes. It's another photo that makes me wish I was there right now!


  1. Look how calm the water is, nobody could resist a quick swim in that :D Lovely! Jen

  2. I gave your blog an award! Its on my blog, come check it out and see! xoxo

  3. i wish it was warm enough to actually DO this. i'm starting to think summer has passed me least i have your photo :)

  4. oooh lovely! Could just do with that now to cool down!

  5. wishing I was there now too. :) Sorry I've been absent for so long AGAIN. I love Moo and I looove your postcards. I use them for selling my photos - you just can't beat the quality. Best of luck for whatever you decide to do! The deck chair and kiddie pool is a fabulous way to relax... especially when you just want to avoid the crowds and cool off in your own backyard. :)

    Hope you're having a great week!




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