Sunday, 1 August 2010

'il peso della valigia' by JoX1989

il peso della valigia, originally uploaded by JoX1989.

Since I posted my photo of windows in Paris a couple of days ago I've been thinking about travelling and photography a lot. Thinking about all the different places in the world I've been and wondering what those trips would be like if I took them now with my photographer head on. My husband and I used to travel abroad quite a lot but I've not used my passport since my daughter was born. Hopefully we'll all jet off somewhere soon and give my little girl her first foreign holiday.

Anyway, I saw this photo and thought it would illustrate this post perfectly. To me it looks like someone has just arrived in their hotel thrown their luggage on the bed and is getting ready to explore the town! I love the colours as well. Gives the who photo a rather vintage feel.


  1. Thank you so much!
    I'm glad you like my photo! :)

    Gioia (JoX1989)

  2. It is gorgeous and does feel vintage:) Jen

  3. I feel like I want to do an overseas trip too with my boys but its the long flights from Australia that is putting me off!

  4. It's definitely a vintage feel, and also dreamy and happy in that travely excited way. So good!


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