Sunday, 11 July 2010

'Bar Lights' by Lanamaniac

Bar Lights, originally uploaded by Lanamaniac.

How is it Sunday night already? I've had a lovely weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we had friends to stay. When they left this afternoon we didn't want the weekend to end so ever the spontaneous family we jumped in the car and headed off out. We went to a pub in a place called Peacehaven where we had ice cream in the beer garden overlooking the sea. Went for a wander over the cliffs too. Photos to be uploaded and will follow soon.

Tonight's photo makes me feel all nostalgic for summer holiday's abroad. It really has that feeling about it - you know when you head out for the evening, it's still pretty hot and you stroll up and down the restaurant areas looking for somewhere nice to have dinner. I'm also so impressed at places where you order a beer and it comes in the appropriate glass! I have been known to choose a drink based on the coolness of the glass.

Anyway, I hope you've had a lovely weekend too and this fabulous photo has helped you capture the holiday feeling like it did for me.


  1. It does have a strong holiday feel about it, I would say it feels Spanish :) Good, seeing as they won tonight!! Jen

  2. i too choose a beer for its glass- and here in ol'blighty i choose a beer according to it's name...although i'm yet to need an ice-cold beer glass in these here parts- worse luck...
    an image of summer for us....
    melissa x

  3. I'm in...!
    beer on any hot summer's day is such a treat! but I prefer mine straight from the bottle! heheee....

    great photo!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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