Friday, 9 July 2010

'Blue Umbrella (Slight Return)' by Phil Dillon

Well it's been rather hot here today so I though I'd post this fanatastic snow picture to cool myself down. It's really hard to imagine being wrapped up in all these clothes and having snow falling on me but it was only few months ago really that this was exactly the case.

I love the way all the huge snowflakes have been captured in this photo. But the blue umbrella is definitely the most striking thing about it and really brightens up what was probably a horrible, grey, snowy day. It makes it look like it wasn't actually that bad! I also rather like the girly pink boots!

Right, I am cooled down now and have realised I'm not ready for the cold weather again yet! Here's hoping the summer weather sticks around for a little bit longer!


  1. It is fabulous, I can hear the girl crunching along in the snow :D Jen

  2. I'm hoping it shows up...the thing I'm giving away next week will be great in cold or warm weather!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. For me in subtropical area, hoping summer passed away soon. cannot stand 38 degress of heat.

  4. What a gorgeous picture, Winter is my favourite season purely because of scenes like that x


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