Monday, 19 July 2010

'Seagull' by Panorama Paul

Seagull, originally uploaded by Panorama Paul.

I really want to take a fabulous seagull in flight photo but am failing miserably. I've had two trips to the sea in the past week or so and have done a lot of pointing my camera at the sky and clicking randomly when I see one coming! Unfortunately I've not had any success in capturing anything that's any good. I therefore headed over to Flickr to see how other people had got along and there are some awesome shots out there!

Take this one for example. The seagull has been captured beautifully. It looks so magestic and proud! I think think even without the bird it would be a fantastic photo but the seagull really adds a special something to it.

My quest is not over. I will still wander around staring at the sky when I hear seagulls over head. I'll let you know if I have any luck.


  1. Great photo!

    I've tagged you in a meme over at mine, don't know if you fancy it, though you might give you some photos to find for your answers. Either way I won't be offended if you pass on it!

  2. This is so beautiful and crystal clear! I always wonder how they do it... wow.

  3. not sure why i've missed the past few posts. UGH!! stupid google reader!!

    this is quite a photo - i have confidence you will master the task!


  4. wow...this is breathtaking!

  5. Nice...Hope also can take this kind of picture.


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