Tuesday, 17 May 2011

'Untitled' by Krofna

Untitled, originally uploaded by Krofna.

This is such a simple photo but I was really drawn to it. I like it because it looks nostalgic. Not nostalgic to me as I have no memories of being by the water like this, but someone else's nostalgia. You could say voyeuristic nostalgia. Anyway, I think it has that feel to it because of the colours. It looks like kids are going to turn up and jump into the water at any minute or a couple are going to come and dangle their legs in as they share romantic thoughts together. It also looks a bit mysterious, like there is already something in that water that we might not want to know about. I am going to stop waffling now as you probably don't get what I am going on about. Hope you like this fabulous photo as much as I do though.

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