Monday, 23 May 2011

'Beach huts' by ania115

Beach huts, originally uploaded by ania115.

I am so tired today. Unfortunately I can't blame a child waking up or a crazy night out - I just went to bed too late last night and when I did I tossed and turned for hours unable to sleep. Usually I'm OK with late nights like that but for some reason I'm wiped out today. Anyway that means I shall be posting this then heading off to bed.

I still have so many things to do but they'll have to wait until tomorrow apart from tell you how lovely this photo is. I love beach huts and beach hut photos and this one is really intresting. I love that there are only a few colours in it as they all work perfectly together. I love the vintage tones - it makes it feel like it was taken in the 70s. My favourite thing though is all the shapes and sizes of the beach huts. I am so fascinated I want to go there right now and see what they look like in real life. Unfortunately I'm a little sleepy so maybe I'll got another day.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry, don't know what happened with my comment - cut half of it off so I got rid of it.
    Anyway. Love the photo - the colour is gorgeous. They kind of remind me of the russian Babushka dolls. You could just stack them all inside each other.

    Hope you get some rest and feel refreshed tomorrow

  3. Love the colours and the composition. Looks like a family of beach huts :)

  4. it appears to be working now ;-) I love beach huts but think it's crazy that some of them seem to cost more than my house ;-) xx

  5. Yay, glad it's working again! One day I WILL own my own beach hut. It's a bit of a dream of mine. Don't want to think about the cost though!

  6. Glad you like my photograph PhotoPuddle!
    Don't stop dreaming of that beach hut.


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