Friday, 13 May 2011

'Untitled' by Daily Colours

Untitled, originally uploaded by Daily Colours.

I don't know about you but I am hoping for a nice relaxing weekend. The last couple of days have not been chilled out at all. Nothing major just two-year-old acting like... well... a two-year-old! She's not usually one for big strops and trantrums so when she does it's always rather stressful!

Anyway, I'm settled now with a rather lovely glass of wine and think it might be time to snuggle up under the duvet and watch a DVD or some trashy TV. Then I have to keep my fingers and toes crossed that little one fancied a nice long lie-in in the morning!

I have picked this photo to show you mainly because it's lovely and it makes me smile. I love daisies, as they really are quiet pretty. It's such a shame that they are classifed as weeds and we have to chop them up when we cut the grass. This photo is lovely because of the colours. The three simple colours here make it look so light and summery. I also think the fact that only two of the flowers are really in focus is really effective.

You know what, I think perhaps this summer should be the summer of the daisy chain! Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I used to love making daisy chains, once all the girls at school decided to make the longest EVER one (as you do when you are 6) and it got so big that even teachers and boys!!! were helping. We laid it all down the school corridor and even ended up being late back from lunchtime!

  2. Oh that's a great story and the sort of thing that makes you feel all nostalgic about school.


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