Thursday, 31 January 2013

'Patio' by acreativemint

Patio by acreativemint
Patio, a photo by acreativemint on Flickr.

The weather these past two days has been ever so slightly spring-like and it's made me realise I am so bored of winter now. I hate being cold and it's so annoying having to spend ages getting ready to leave the house what with all the hats, scarves, gloves, boots and coats that need putting on. I have been trying to think of some good things about the winter and other than Christmas all I can come up with is that the snow and frost can be pretty. Oh and one good thing that was relevant to me today which is that if you haven't washed your hair you have a great excuse just to put a hat on and cover it up!

Here is a very pretty picture that reminds me of warmer and sunnier days. The light here is just beautiful and has been captured perfectly. All these lovely colours look a million miles from colours associated with cold winter days.

Hurry up spring!!

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  1. A good thing about winter - spring is coming!


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