Wednesday, 30 January 2013

'More snowy trees' by Me

More snowy trees by PhotoPuddle
More snowy trees, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

Well I've told you about my success in the decluttering resolution but how am I getting on with the others? Well I'm hardly eating as healthily as I could do but according to the scales I don't need to go on a diet so that's good. I am trying my hardest to find time to read. In fact I am half way through my second book of the year which doesn't sound a lot, especially when I used to get through about two week when I was commuting to London back in the day, but I am pleased with myself.

And finally the photography. Well I definitely did take advantage of the snow. Here is one I took last week. I think it's lovely but I wish it had happier memories attached to it. The truth is I took this just before I went in for a horrible dentist appointment. I was a little bit early so went for a walk before going in and because I always have a camera on me took a few nice snowy photos!

Hope you're getting on well with your New Year's resolutions if you made any.


  1. I can see the link to the dentist. Perhaps a nice flower with snow on it now to show you are now much better


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