Monday, 14 January 2013

'IMG_5457' by phungirl

IMG_5457 by phungirl
IMG_5457, a photo by phungirl on Flickr.

I should have known. Just a few days ago I was saying how mild it's been this winter but of course now it's freezing and many places around the country have snow. I should probably end this post here but instead I want to admit mine and my husband's totally lazy behaviour this morning. We both woke up early and typically bleary eyed for a Monday morning, wondering whether the forecast snow had fallen over night. Now instead of looking out of the window to see we decided our bed was far too warm and cozy. We therefore grabbed our phones and went on facebook and twitter to see if anyone on there was posting about snow locally. I know that's the height of laziness but it was Monday morning and cold and we really appreciated the extra ten minutes in bed!

But enough of us. How cute and extremely girly is this picture? I love the bold contrast of the bright pink against the crisp white snow. In fact I just love the skirt and the boots. I HAVE to get a tutu for my daughter before she gets too old! I doubt my little boy would fancy wearing one, even if it was blue.


  1. Yes its a gorgeous bright photograph. Definitely go for a tutu for your daughter. We have a couple that are used more for dressing up now - she's moved onto looking sporty rather than fancy these days!

  2. Awww, gorgeously girly!

    See....this is what happens when you blog about something...the opposite then happens. It's something that keeps happening to me!


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