Saturday, 5 January 2013

'6 de 52' by Paloma Moira

6 de 52 by Paloma Moira
6 de 52, a photo by Paloma Moira on Flickr.

Tonight is twelfth night so that means all the Christmas decorations should be taken down today. We took ours down on 1st January though. I think it's lovely to have them up for New Year's Eve but after that they just look a little flat.

Twelfth Night also means an excuse to post another Christmassy photo as sadly I didn't spot this one until after Christmas. I love it though as the colours are so fresh and bright and a great alternative to the usual red and gold festive colours. Plus you know how I love a good bauble shot!


  1. That's my task for today, taking down the decorations (late as usual!) Happy new year! x

  2. MIne came down on the 1st too - love this photo though very eye catching


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