Friday, 18 January 2013

'West Pier in the snow' by fotobes

West Pier in the snow by fotobes
West Pier in the snow, a photo by fotobes on Flickr.

Well the snow came properly today and for us it didn't really cause too much chaos. In fact it actually seemed rather quiet out when I took my daughter to the park for a bit of a snowball fight. To be honest as we are forecast more snowfall over night I think I many people are just waiting to build their snowman. I reckon there'll whole new population of snow characters tomorrow and traffic jams of sledges tomorrow!

I love this photo of West Pier in the snow. I was surprised because I didn't think it would really look that different in the snow but turns out it looks even more amazing! I am now trying to not to think about the best way to get to Brighton in the snow tomorrow!

Happy weekend everyone. Keep warm!

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