Tuesday, 22 January 2013

'retreat to the quiet of english summer' by matthewheptinstall

I'm kind of bored of all the snow now. It's just at that icy and/or slushy stage - certainly no fun to play in any more. It actually melted a lot here today but then around 4pm it started snowing again. I wonder what will happen over night.

Anyway, just in case you were getting a little bored of snowy photos on here or feel the need to warm up a little I though a beautiful summery photo was in order. I love this one as it sums up a perfect summer day. It looks warm but not overly boiling hot. The girl appears to be wandering off to find a quite spot to sit and read her book. An absolutely perfect way to spend a summer's day.


  1. So nice to be reminded of summer, when all I see is dark winter.

  2. Gorgeous, just the tonic I needed after all the snow!


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