Sunday, 12 December 2010

'stourhead ice 3' by tamsyng

stourhead ice 3, originally uploaded by tamsyng.

If you are not feeling cold already then this photo is sure to make you shiver. I think this is a lovely photo. The composition is just right and I bet this would have made a beautiful photo even if it had been taken on a hot and sunny day. This is great though because the photographer has managed to capture every bit of the coldness. In fact I'm off to get my hat and scarf right now.


  1. It really is beautiful, and that is saying something after the way we got belted with snow this last fortnight!! Get your camera out m'dear because we are due more snow so you might get to show us some of your shots? Jen

  2. that photo expresses exactly how i feel right now, cold!

  3. Thanks for including my photo in your lovely blog. It was freeeezing, but oh so peaceful going around Stourhead, I only saw 1 other person as I was leaving.


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