Monday, 13 December 2010

'Merry Christmas' by Me

Merry Christmas, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I have just realised that the Christmas tree has now been up for two whole days and I've not even pointed the camera at it once! That will definitely be rectified very soon and the results will (hopefully) be shared with you!

And do you remember I said I was very unprepared in this post well just to update you, we now have lots of food bought, most of the presents are wrapped and cards are all written and ready to be sent! I think the Christmas tree must have spurred me on to get things done.

Anyway, will leave you with this photo I took last year. I really like it because it's simple but still rather festive. I love the shine on the bow, the light must have been just right when I took this. And of course red and white are always a great basis for a photo.


  1. beautiful photo! love the shine and color variation on the bow.

  2. It is lovely, love how the red looks orangey in places:) Jen

  3. That's very cool!!! I'm nowhere near prepared for Christmas!! Must stop reading blogs..........


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