Tuesday, 14 December 2010

'.stayin cool.' by *miss*leah*

.stayin cool., originally uploaded by *miss*leah*.

I have been very much looking forward to Christmas so I was really disappointed to learn that more snow has been forecast for the next couple of weeks. As the UK is just so rubbish at dealing with snow I fear that it although a white Christmas would be pretty it would really spoil things. Luckily we are not going away anywhere but we have still got lots of plans in the next few weeks to be out and about seeing people and having people come over to visit.

Therefore I am posting the beautiful summery photo to try and keep the snow away! I love it. I feel warm just looking at it. You can tell it was a sunny day because of all the light bouncing off the water. You can also tell it was really hot and I bet it wasn't long after this picture was taken that the child jumped into the pool. Beautiful summer photo. Definitely one to go back to when it's all cold and snowy outside.


  1. this photo is in direct contrast to where we're at here in Canada!

    it was snowing today, yesterday, and the day before..non stop...the roads are covered...and my skin froze in a few minutes of exposure!
    but yes...this photo would melt my frozen toes...so maybe I'll look at it again tomorrow after my morning walk!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  2. This is just perfect, we too are facing another dump of snow for the coming weekend and well into next week. I will see you on twitter quite I bit if we get snowed in!! Jen


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