Friday, 10 December 2010

'First Christmas Ornaments' by ·meisi·

Another suggestion for photos was made by Kelly from A place of my own. She suggested a few festive photos in the run up to Christmas. I think this is a great suggestion and have featured a few already. However, I've now realised that there are only two weeks until the big day now so if I want to show you some lovely Christmassy shots then I'd better get on with it before it's all over for another year.

So here is a lovely festive photo! I love how pretty and light it is. And I really, really love the sparkly bokeh through the window. It looks like there is a shiny Christmas tree outside. And I love these handmade decorations. They look so nice but I can guarantee that if I made them they'd just look like dodgy bits of cardboard hanging on a peace of string. I guess I'll just have to admire this instead.


  1. love it! and the simplicity of the decorations are gorgeous too

  2. Mine would look like dodgy bits of cardboard too, the complete opposite of this lovely photo. Jen

  3. What an adorable garland! I really haven't done much decorating this year. We do have the tree up but, no ornaments on it. The little ones get into everything so it's easier for me to keep things simple. ♥

  4. That really is a lovely simple decoration. I dream of a house tastefully decorated with things like this but I am not very good at being subtle!


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