Monday, 17 January 2011

'In the sand' by Me

In the sand, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I love looking back through my files of photos to see what I took but never did anything with. This was taken on a trip to West Wittering last summer. I have featured photos from that particular day on this blog already here and here and here but I was obviously so over excited about the beautiful beach huts that I never gave the other photos I took a second glance.

So here is a photo I took while burying my feet in the sand. I love it because I can just feel the warm sand between my toes and it makes me really excited about spring and summer being on their way (soon please). I'm also rather pleased with my choice of nail varnish that day. I love to use summer as an excuse to make my feet all bright and happy!


  1. great photo. i wish i was on a sandy beach right now!

  2. love this photo. you can just about see every grain of sand. lovely.


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