Tuesday, 4 January 2011

'Verano en Hendaya' by SANTI BAÑON

Verano en Hendaya, originally uploaded by SANTI BAÑON.

I love this photo. I think it is a real work of art and can imagine it hanging on someone's wall. It's the bright red against the grey scenery that does it for me. A bit of red in an otherwise colour free photo is always so striking. And I think beaches in bad weather are fascinating. There is something a little romantic about wrapping up really warm and wandering across the deserted sand. The sea is often rough and powerful too which makes you realise the true power of the ocean. Of course saying that I do rather love a beach in the sunshine too! In fact I'm not a huge fan of being cold so please hurry up summer!


  1. That could have been taken here over the last few days! We've had horrible storms so beaches could well have looked like that - wouldn't catch me outside in just a dress though!

    Roll on summer!

  2. I love that photo... for all sorts of reasons!

  3. What an amazing picture! I too love how bright it is but kind of surreal against such a menacing sky!!! Fab!

  4. This is simply amazing! Love the reflection of the umbrella!


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