Sunday, 9 January 2011

'Indiana Monarch' by ianhanson

Indiana Monarch, originally uploaded by ianhanson.

Evening all, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. This weekend wasn't as great as I'd hoped as we are still suffering from the lurgy in this house. I'm on the mend but hubby's not well now. Really hoping little one doesn't get sick now too although I have a feeling she may have started this off ages ago with a cold she had at Christmas.

Anyway, on to tonight's photo. I love butterfly pictures and I think this is so subtle and gorgeous. It's almost like a watercolour painting. The green, purple and orange are lovely together. And I really like the composition too. I like the fact that there are a few pieces of grass in the foreground. It makes it look like we are hiding behind them secretly watching the butterfly go about it's business. Beautiful work.


  1. Gorgeous. I can smell summer.

  2. No matter how many attempts I make, I never get a good butterfly shot. This is lovely. Wish you all better. We all have it too. Achoo x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I have a few butterfly shots, actually; I might well post them soon! Thanks for sharing this :)

    Claire x

  4. Hope the entire family gets better soon! I love the photo, it's almost nostalgic.

  5. That photo is so stunning...Hope you all will feel better soon
    Kisses and hugs


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