Tuesday, 7 September 2010

'West Wittering' by Me

West Wittering, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

What's that I hear you cry? I haven't posted a beach hut photo in ages? My gosh you're right, so let's rectify that immediately. Here is a photo I took in West Wittering of possibly the prettiest beach hut ever. I wish I'd got a chance to take more beach hut photos this summer but never mind. Nothing wrong with taking some winter shots if I come across some huts on my travels.

By the way, the observant people out there may have noticed I've posted this photo before as part of this blog entry but I believe such a pretty beach hut deserves a post all of it's own.


  1. It is beautiful! Love the color too.

  2. I love the blue of the beach hut next to the blue of the sky. It's a lovely photo.

    I followed the link and read about the post cards you had printed of your photos. They look really beautiful! I'd never heard of Moo before.. I wish I had, as recently I needed to get some postcards of my work printed for college and everywhere was so expensive.. I'll use this company next time.

  3. This photo has a real calming feel to it - must be the cool breezy colours! Lovely

  4. Lovely! If I had one I'd definitely go for a blue.

    We go there quite a lot - always at Easter and egg hunt in the dunes.

    The ones at Southwold are possibly my favourites.

  5. Gorgeous hut...love the color of it! Going to the beach sounds like a lovely thing to do right now. :)

  6. Love your beach hut photos, even if you've posted it before!


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