Sunday, 16 January 2011

'Umbrella in Water' by Denis Hawkins

Umbrella in Water, originally uploaded by Denis Hawkins.

Whilst looking for photos to post I kept going back to this one so I thought I'd share with you tonight and see what you thought of it. I think it is so intriguing. It really feels like there should be some story behind it. If so what is that story? And if not what inspired the photographer to set up a shot like this? Also as I have mentioned before I love little cocktail umbrellas so it's really interesting to see one used in such a different way. So, do tell. What do you think?


  1. I think it must be Summer! The reflection of the sky looks fab and the water is so still! Great pic! x

  2. It looks like the morning after a party; an outdoor, summer party by a lake with cocktails with those little umbrellas, and lots of fun and music and partying. It looks like the quiet, tranquil morning after.
    Lovely image :)

    Claire x


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