Wednesday, 23 February 2011

'Colourful thread' by Me

Colourful thread, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I think I'm such a wannabe when it comes to all things crafty. I used to make jewellery and have a huge stash of beads and jewellery making bits and bobs. But then I had a baby and tiny little beads didn't seem a sensible thing to have lying around the house. I also like to knit or at least I used to. Once again I have a huge stash of wool which I keep telling myself I'll use one day. I've always fancied learning crochet and tried to teach myself last year. Sadly I failed miserably. I also have an assortment of other crafting bit and pieces such as felt, thread and ribbons (yes, I even have a ribbon box) but what will become of these things? Well they do make fantastic subjects for photos. I wonder if this thread will become anything exciting one day!


  1. Ohhh they just SCREAM potential to me! Beautiful colours. :)

  2. Ha - I'm exactly the same! I have a massive stash of embroidery thread, and after making about 6 baby onsies, it's never seen the light of day since. Must fix that.

    Love this photo, love the colours.

  3. haha... I feel you! I picked up knitting when I was pregnant and bedridden to keep myself occupied but failed miserably. I still have my needles - hopefully one day we can both get at it again :)


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