Sunday, 6 February 2011

'Carts in awe of giant floating hotdog for only 50 cents!' by swardraws

Today we went to Ikea in Croydon. I'm actually one of those strange people who doesn't mind Ikea at the weekend. We even went on a Bank Holiday Monday once! Anyway, the law of Ikea does state that you have to have meatballs on the way in and a hotdog on the way out so that always makes for a nice afternoon out. I also have a thing about napkins at the moment and ended up leaving there with four packets of them! Whenever we go there I end up buying loads. It used to be candles but I think napkins are more useful now!

And of course never being one to miss a photo opportunity I even took a couple of photos of the famous chimneys outside. They were literally just snapshots though so not sure if they are bloggable but I may show you at some point. Instead I found this fun photo that was taken in an Ikea. I just love the boldness of it and that bright green is fantastic. It really does sum up the place.

I hope you all had great weekend!


  1. Everytime we go to ikea its a must for the mr to have meatballs and for me to come away with daims!! Yum!! :)

  2. You brave woman you! Ikea on the wkends is like walking into a war zone, someone's bound to get hurt.

  3. I live 10 mins from the Croydon Ikea and the huge chimneys! I'm so sad I know their complete inventory and can write a shopping list in order of what I'll come to first. I never eat the rubber hotdogs though!

  4. in spite of being typically anti mass produced box shopping type experiences. . . there is something about ikea i just can't resist!


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