Sunday, 13 February 2011

'maltesers' by 1001things

maltesers, originally uploaded by 1001things.

When it comes to chocolate I really can't resist a bag of Maltesers (or Minstrels or Mini Eggs but I'll save them for another post) so when I saw this photo I did start to feel a bit of a chocolate craving coming on. I love how this image focuses on one single Malteser. You can really see every bubble and crumb of the honeycomb centre. I always like to convince myself that there's only a really a thin layer of chocolate on a Malteser and the inside is full of air holes so they can't be that naughty! I am also very impressed with the willpower of this photographer. I'm not sure I'd have had time to take such a great picture before scoffing the lot! So, what treats do you find hard to resist?


  1. Oh now you've got me craving maltesers... git! :P
    I think one of my favourite treats at the moment are cashew nuts... bit more healthy compared to the monster munch and massive bars of chocolate! ;)

  2. Fantastic!! Right up my street! :)

  3. the photo makes me want some maltesers so bad!!

    Hmm.. treats that I simply can't resist.. letseee.. Macaroons, dark chocolate, and cookies.. all kind of cookies..I simply can't resist cookies.. om..nom..nom..nom..


    The Picnic Girl

  4. I'm a Maltesers lover too but one treat I just can not resist are cupcakes! I have a cupcake obsession!


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