Thursday, 24 February 2011

'Retro Vintage Girl in Grass With Purple Shoes' by Pink Sherbet Photography

It really, really, really, really was spring today! As I looked at the beautiful sunny day out of the window this morning I felt just so uplifted and well.... springy! However, not wanting to be tricked by the sunshine into think it was warm outside when I went out I put on my scarf and my winter coat. Five minutes down the road though I regretted that, I was baking so the coat and scarf came off and were stuffed under the pushchair! Hooray, it's still February and was out today without a coat. I am now choosing to ignore the rainy weather forecast for the next few days.

I think this photo is fantastic and perhaps a little spring like too. I love purple so I couldn't resist these pretty ribbon laces. And I love the other colours and tones in this photo too. That green grass look so lush and lovely. Now roll on spring for real!


  1. You are right it was soooooo nice and Spring like today! I almost wanted to dance in the park!! Fab shoes x

  2. It was certainly different. I almost didn't recognise that yellow ball thing in the sky.


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