Friday, 4 February 2011

'Wanna have lunch?' by Jaime973

This picture made me smile. I love it because it looks so relaxed and summery. The colours are just perfect and the texture of the wood is amazing. But most of of all it's making me hungry. I love going out for lunch at the weekend with friends or just with my husband and daughter. Since we became parents dinner dates don't happen as much as they used to so it's so nice to go out for a nice lunch somewhere. And the little one loves it too - probably because she knows that there's a good chance she'll get ice cream for pudding. She's even good at ordering it herself.

So happy weekend everyone. Hope you all have some lovely lunches!


  1. That so makes me want to go out for lunch tomorrow. But I'm taking my granny some fish pie. Still, maybe Sunday ....

  2. I agree, becoming parents have made outtings happen less frequently so we too cherish going out for lunch/dinner :)

  3. Ooh yes, this photo is lovely. I want to jump in and take a seat. Makes me long for summer!


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