Wednesday, 2 February 2011

'upward' by raspberrytart

upward, originally uploaded by raspberrytart.

I really enjoyed showing you such a bright and a colourful photo yesterday so I thought I'd show you another one today. This looks like it was such a beautiful day. I love the contrast of the colours against the bright blue sky - especially the yellow.

I've never actually been up in a balloon before. I used to think it would be so peaceful and beautiful and something I'd love to do. Well that was until I almost got the chance to actually do it and my brain started overthinking how the whole think worked exactly and I decided it was a mental thing to do. I mean just floating around in the air without an engine - what happens if something bursts your balloon?

Anyway, that's enough of me waffling on about balloon safety. Hope you like the picture!

1 comment:

  1. stunning beautiful bright colours. I've always fancied a go and loved the northampton balloon festival when I was at home!


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