Monday, 7 February 2011

'messy morning bed' by Little Lentil Lil

messy morning bed, originally uploaded by Little Lentil Lil.

You know what would be lovely? A day just snuggled up in bed with a stack of DVDs to watch, some magazines to flick through, a good book to get lost in and a big pile of delicious treats to nibble on! But of course that's never going to happen with a two year old around! And in reality I'd probably end up getting bored by midday. I'd probably decide to get up and do something useful. But of course it's a lovely thing to dream about.

I love this picture because it does make me want to stay in bed and do nothing useful. I think the light coming in through the window is just beautiful. I love how you can see the snow outside too. Makes you just want to dive back under the duvet where you can look at the pretty snow out the window but you don't have to actually get cold!


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