Wednesday, 3 July 2013

'My boy on the beach' by Me

My boy on the beach by PhotoPuddle
My boy on the beach, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

Do you know what I find really cute? Babies crouching down. I think it's really adorable when they toddle along then see something on the floor they want to look at or pick up. Maybe you don't quite get what I'm going on about so here is a picture I took of my little boy crouching down and examining something on the sand. When we booked our Cornish holiday back in January I was hoping he'd be walking so I could see him really enjoying the beach. Crawling on sand just isn't the same. He had only really been properly walking for a few weeks when we went but by the end of our stay he was an expert walker on all kinds of terrain including wet and dry sand. As he's a pro on his feet he's now perfecting his climbing skills. Oh the places I've found him! And we can't even think about leaving the stairgate open for a split second as the moment he hears the click of it opening he is there ready for climbing. I'm so proud of my little man but his adventurous nature does make life a bit stressful.


  1. Oh I feel your pain and your joys- we are at exactly the same stage with my littlest. He is amazing to watch as he develops day-to-day and an insatiable adventurer constantly freaking me out with his antics at the same time.

  2. I love a squatting baby and what a gorgeous photo


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